How to Fix If Your Mouse Is Moving On Its Own !

After upgrading to Windows 10, a lot of users faced mouse issues where their mouse was actually moving on its own. It seems that your mouse is actually moving on its own and can really jump here and there without the users moving it. Mostly, such movements are horizontal or vertical and almost render the computer unusable as your mouse is the most significant interface device after your keyboard. In the majority of cases, the PC is likely affected by the malware, which can really infect different settings and can execute the commands in the background, which can make your mouse go crazy. If you’ve already tested the system for the malware and still your mouse is not responding, you can go ahead and follow fixes mentioned below to resolve the Mouse Moving On Its Own issue.

Try The Following Fixes To Resolve The Mouse Moving On Its Own Issue:

The following fixes can really help you solve this problem.

Fix#1: Checking The Hardware Related To The Mouse

First of all, in case you waste your time on some other useless PC operations, it’s significant to have a check on your hardware related to the mouse.Fix if your gta san andreas mouse not working.

  • Test the mouse on some other PC that can work normally. If your mouse moving issue still persists, then your mouse might be faulty, and it’s suggested to utilize a new one.


  • Check your mouse itself, comprising the cable, the buttons, and the PS/2 or USB port. Make certain the cable is intact, and the buttons work.


  • If you are utilizing the wireless mouse, then check whether there is enough power.


Fix#2: Change Your Touchpad Delay

If you’re utilizing a laptop, it’s suggested that you check your touchpad. Since your touchpad and your mouse both control a pointer, it’s likely that the touchpad is reasoning the problem. The touchpad is so sensitive at times that when you’re typing, it can really register movement and can move your mouse around. You can attempt to change the touchpad delay before your mouse click works. It’ll help your mouse pointer from accidentally moving when you’re typing something.Learn how to change mouse polling rate.

  • First, hit the Win + I keys for launching the Settings directly. If it does not work, then hit Windows + S buttons for launching the search bar of the start menu > enter Settings > open the first matching result.


  • Once in the Settings window, go over to Devices. It’ll be the 2nd entry from your left on the first row.


  • Now, go to Touchpad present on your left side of your screen.

  • Then, you can simply change the delay or touchpad sensitivity. Change accordingly, and see if the situation gets any better.


Fix#3: Try To Disable The Touchpad

For making certain you’re not touching your touchpad totally when the thumbs lay on your laptop, you can also disable your touchpad. Try the follow these steps to check if this issue still persists.

  • First, right-click touchpad from the notification area.


  • Choose the Property of Touch-Pad.



  • Now, click Stop Device if you do not desire to make use of your touchpad anymore. Or check your Disable when the external USB pointing device plug-in > click on OK.



Fix#4: Check For Virus And Malware

At times, this unusual behavior is reasoned by virus or malware present in the machine. They’ve special scripts that can run in the background, which might be extracting the data or making different changes to the settings. Scan the PC utilizing the antivirus program and make sure that the computer is clean. If you do not have any particular antivirus program installed, you can make use of your Windows Defender program and scan.

  • Hit Win + S keys for launching the search bar of start menu > enter Windows Defender > open the first matching result.

  • From the right side of your screen, you’ll see the scan option. Choose the complete scan > click Scan this process may take a little time as Windows scans all of the PC’s files one by one. Bide your time and allow the procedure to complete accordingly.

Fix#5: Updating The Mouse Driver

Broken, outdated, or incompatible driver at times comes with this error. For resolving the issue, you can update the mouse driver.

  • First, open the Run dialog box by simply hitting the Windows + R keys > enter devmgmt.msc for launching the Device Manager.

  • Then, double-click on Mice & other pointing devices option for expanding it.

  • Simply, right-click on the mouse driver > choose Update driver.

  • Choose Search automatically for the up to date driver software option from the pop-up window.

Then Win will search the PC and your Internet for the newest mouse driver.

Fix#6: Disable The Controller Programs On The Computer

A lot of individuals make use of the controller utilities for connecting and modifying their experience with the diverse controllers like PS Dualshock or Xbox controller. This controller program also has their own controller tool, which has an appropriate mouse feature on it. It may be reasoning you the issue. We advise that you can disable the added controller devices and unplug your controller from the system and check for the error again. If the Mouse Moving On Its Own issue were linked with them, it’d be fixed right away. Do a reboot if needed.


Fix#7: Check For The Other Wireless Devices

A lot of users stated that they owned more than one mouse devices that are wireless of the same type in their surroundings or household. If they all belong to the same company, more the cause to investigate, if some other wireless mouse comes in the range with the computer, the computer may also register the movements of your other device. As the same company makes both of your mice, the PC does not comprehend which one is the real deal and also contemplates the movement of others. Try to take your mice out of the range of the PC and simply observe if the issue happens again. You can also do this the other way around; take both your mice near the computer, turn on, and move them. Like this, you can simply determine if the computer is registering the movements of them or not.