Quickly Fix Netflix Code Nw-4-8 Error

Netflix has become a staple in every household. Netflix is a top tier streaming services that contains all the movies and tv shows your heart can desire for an amazing price. Not only do you get to have the newest movies and tv shows at your disposal all the time, you can also share your account with multiple people (depending on your payment plan). It is truly unmatched in its wide variety of content and unlimited access to all there is to watch. Plus, it even has the option to download your favorite shows or movies to your device for offline watching!

Netflix works on your smartphone, computer, Smart TV, or even your gaming console. While it is incredibly easy to use, sometimes you might face an issue like Netflix Code Nw-4-8. This error is caused by some disruption in the connection between Netflix and the device you are streaming on.

If you are confused about what to do, do not worry. This article provides solutions to your problem so you can go back to watching your favorite Netflix shows as soon as possible.

While it is confusing to deal with issues like these, it can be very easy to fix once you understand what is causing this error to occur.

Why Are You Getting Netflix Code Nw-4-8?

The reason why you might be facing the Netflix Code Nw-4-8 error is because Netflix might not be able to connect for some reason. There is a possibility of a network issue or there is some problem with the device. The error code is simply accompanied by the message that says ‘Netflix has encountered an error’.

However, there is no need to worry or fret! It is not that big of an error and you can easily fix it. There are multiple ways to fix Netflix Code Nw-4-8 and all of them require very little effort.

Method #1: Sign Out Of Netflix.

First, sign out of Netflix and sign back in. Signing out helps Netflix clear the data cache and fix any problems with the data that might be causing an issue in your connection. This is a quick and easy solution that just might work.

  • Go to your Netflix home screen.

  • Select Settings or the Settings icon that is shaped like a gear.

  • Once, you open the sign out screen, select sign out.

  • Sign back in from the login screen and try to open Netflix again.

Method #2: Restart

Sometimes all you need to do is reboot your device to see if it will work properly after. While it might seems silly, but turning your device off and then on can be a very quick problem fixer.

Try restarting the device you are trying to stream on. This sometimes helps establish a connection that is better than before as it fixes some issues in the background.

  • Unplug your device’s power cable for at least a minute.
  • Plug it back in after a minute and turn it on.
  • Try to open Netflix again.

Method #3: Restore Your Default Settings

Access your modem settings and restore them to its default settings. Sometimes differences in settings causes disruption in the network connection and this can lead to an error in connectivity. You do not need to go into too much detail just make sure you can reset back to default settings in your device’s settings.

  • Sometimes people have custom settings on their devices. For this to work- first, restore your internet provider’s default settings and try again.
  • If you are using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or a proxy service, try turning it off and try Netflix again with just your home internet.
  • If there are any complications, try contacting your device manufacturer or internet service provider to set your default settings.

Method #4: Verify Your DNS Settings

Netflix can be run on different devices and one of them is Playstation. It is one of the easiest way to stream your favorite shows as you can install Netflix as an app right into your Playstation.

If you are using Playstation, you might need to verify your DNS settings and make sure everything is perfect.

  • Go to your PS5 home screen and select settings.

  • From Settings select ‘Network’

  • then ‘Settings’ and

  • then ‘Set Up Internet Connection’.

  • Choose Wireless or Wired based on your network connection type.

  • If you have a wireless connection, you would need to select your WiFi network name and then go to Advanced Settings.

  • If your connection is wired, select Wired LAN and then Advanced Settings.

Confirm that your Playstation settings match the options below:

  1. IP Address Settings: Automatic
  2. DHCP Host: Don’t Specify
  3. DNS Settings: Automatic
  4. Proxy Server: Don’t Use
  5. MTU Settings: Automatic

Select ‘OK’ and test your connection.

If connection is successful, try Netflix again.

Method #5: Customer Support

Netflix has made sure there are ways to contact them for their help incase there are any issues. In the case of Netflix Code Nw-4-8, sometimes troubleshooting solutions do not work so it is recommended that you contact their Customer Support.

Sometimes you need to give up trying to troubleshoot your way out of the error, but rather contact professionals. Contact Netflix’s customer support and specify the error you are facing so they can assist you accordingly.


Netflix tries its best to make sure all of its streaming runs smoothly and users don’t have to face any problems that might disrupt their favorite tv shows. But sometimes an error here or there can occur and while it is very frustrating to deal with- they can be easily fixed and do not require much effort.

Once you have tried all the troubleshooting ways, if it still does not get fixed, simply contacting customer support will fix all of your problems. Now that you have all the information you need to make sure you can stream your favorite shows once again, go ahead and fix Netflix Code Nw-4-8 error and get back to streaming!