What to Do When: Netflix Is Not Working On Firestick?

Yes, Netflix is available to be used on Amazon Fire TV! However, it must be noted that it is only available on some Amazon Fire TV devices. However, if your device falls into this category, then you will be able to browse through a lot of content that is available including movies and TV series.

However, it is not uncommon for problems to arise with this pairing and many users have complained that many times their Netflix is not working on Firestick device. To help you get over this problem, we have today’s article dedicated to this topic!

What to do When Netflix is Not Working on FireStick

Here’s what to do for the problem when Netflix is not working on firestick!

Method #1 : Clear the cache on Netflix

Your first step should be to look over any accumulated cache files on your Netflix account. This will in most cases streamline your content and make usage better, however, if there is an issue with these files, you could get some serious performance issues.Are you facing netflix audio out of sync error ? fix it easily after following our guide.

When Netflix is not working on your Amazon Fire TV Stick heres what you need to do:

  • Your first step will be to go to the option for Settings, And click on Applications.

  • After this, click on Manage Installed Applications.

  • Locate the option for Netflix and then Clear cache.

  • Finally, you will click on the Netflix app cache and see if it has changed anything.

If, in case that didnt fix your issue, heres what you can do next:

Method #2 : Reset fire TV stick

  • If your issue has not been solved with the Netflix app’s cache, you can also try to restore the Fire TV Stick to its factory default.
  • Simply click on Settings from your TV and connect the fire stick TV stick on the TV.

  • Your next step is to make sure that your Fire TV Stick is working. With the buttons on the remote, you will choose the option that reads Settings and click on it.
  • Then select the option for My Fire TV.

  • You will then see an option for Reset to Factory Defaults. Click on it.

  • In the dialog box that appears, it will ask for your approval to select the option for resetting the Stick. Select Reset.

This will do a complete reset of your stick and will take a maximum of 10 minutes.

Method #3 : Reboot fire TV stick

If the last option didn’t quite work out for you, you can still opt for this next option! If resetting the device didn’t help, then maybe you will need to reboot the Fire TV Stick. Go to the option for Settings and then click on My Fire TV.Learn why your kindle won’t turn on.

All you have to do is restart your device to reboot the Fire TV Stick.

Either do it manually from the TV itself, or you can click on the Play/Pause button on your remote and click on Select for at least 5 seconds. You will get an option on your screen that says, Your Amazon Fire TV is Powering Off.

Method #4 :Update Netflix

The issue might be that your Netflix account or app has not been updated in quite a bit of time! If that is the issue, then your Fire TV Stick could also malfunction if the versions don’t match. Since you are using the Netflix app on your Firestick, this means they both need to be updated to the latest versions.

If you didnt get any automatic update for Netflix, then you can simply follow these steps to manually update it instead:

  • The first step will be to go to the Settings option and click on Notifications. This is where you will see the notifications of app updates. If you don’t see any update notification for Netflix then you might need to look for another step.

  • Next, click on the option that reads, Appstore update notification.

  • Select Netflix and click on the option for the update.

It might take around 5 to 10 minutes total to get done with this but once Netflix is updated, you will see that it starts functioning and working again!

Method #5 :Update fire TV stick

The last and final method on how to fix it when Netflix is not working on your Firestick device is to update the fire stick device itself. There might be a glitch in the Fire TV OS and that’s why you can rely on Amazon’s updates for their devices.

  • If you didn’t get an auto-update, you can then go to Stick’s operating system, click on Settings.

  • After that select My Fire TV and click on About.

  • Finally, click on Check for Updates. It will look for available updates and in case there is one, you can click on the Install Update option.

  • Choose this option and it will begin the OS update installation.


Finally, we are now at the end of our article on what you can do when Netflix is not working on Firestick. We have figured out the main methods that can be used to fix this issue and since these are all simple solutions, in case one doesn’t work for you, move onto the next one!

Hopefully, your problem will be resolved and you’ll owe it all to today’s article!