Quickly Fix Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to TV

Having a game console is great when you are able to play it on your TV easily. A game console is only enjoyed best whenever it is played on a large screen because it helps you get the complete experience of the game that you’re playing. When you don’t have such a situation on your hands then it can be pretty annoying for you.

Today we shall be looking into the world of consoles but not everything in it. We shall be targeting a specific console which is a Nintendo Switch and the reason why it might not be connecting on your TV.

There are several problems that might have caused this and we shall lay them out for you so that you come to know that your TV can certainly support a Nintendo Switch if it has the right specifications. If something might be the issue with your TV then you can diagnose that as well here.

Let us now discuss the problems as to why your Switch might not connect to your TV.

Solutions to Fix Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to TV

Wrong Cables Inserted

Your Nintendo Switch and TV is connected by means of the Switch Dock. Two cables are utilized by this dock: The Switch AC Adapter and your normal HDMI cable. Both the cables come with a brand new Nintendo switch system.

Here, you will need to carry out the inspection of your cables because if you’re using cables of lower-end brands then they might be faulty. Lower quality cables like these as well as docks have the tendency to brick Switch systems in a matter of seconds and it will be better if you use cables manufactured from Nintendo itself.

Save time and money by investing once on genuine Nintendo cables rather than getting new ones frequently of a lower-end brand. So remember: genuine cables are the answer!

Plug Cables Correctly

It is possible to be confused by your thinking where your Switch won’t connect to your TV if you insert the cables in the incorrect order. You will only need to spare a few seconds to put the cables in the right order and those few seconds can prevent damaging the ports of your TV.

Once you connect the cables in the right port, the output image will show up instantly without you needing to press even a single button. This is how intelligently your TV is going to pick up this Switch device. Follow this order to make sure that you insert the connecting cables correctly:

  • From the dock you will first need to remove your Nintendo Switch
  • Then plug in the USB-C side of the adapter using the “AC Adapter” labelled port

  • After this, you will need to plug the other part of the adapter into a power outlet
  • Insert one end of the HDMI cord into the dock which is labeled as “HDMI out”

  • The last step is to connect the other HDMI end into your TV

Once you’re done with this, you can insert your Switch back into the dock. Now if you’ve plugged everything in the correct order then your system will begin charging and give you video output through HDMI.

Correct Input of TV

Setting your TV to the right mode is going to make sure that your Switch’s content is displayed correctly on the screen. This final step is pretty easy to overlook yet it could result in a pitch black screen which is going to make you fearful whether your Switch has died or your TV. To see the video output of the Switch, you will need to check if your TV input is set to the HDMI output.

This may seem something very obvious but it is a mistake and it can happen. Gladly, you don’t need to put in so much work to fix this problem. If your TV is set on the wrong mode then all you need to do is double-check that the input settings of your TV match that of the HDMI port which you chose to plug your dock into. If a system is docked and active, you will still be seeing the screen on your TV.


Now if your Nintendo Switch won’t connect to your TV, you know the troubleshooting methods that you will need to carry out to make sure that it does. Just because you are facing a minor inconvenience with your display doesn’t mean that all those games that you are waiting to play should suffer!

With the solutions mentioned above, we guarantee you that your Nintendo Switch is going to connect to your TV and once it has, you are going to enjoy every bit of your gaming session with it on the big screen!