Fix Not Enough Memory To Complete This Operation

When the PC says it is running low on the disk space for executing a certain operation with error messages, do not be fooled. Why does such a problem pop up on the computer? There’re two typical causes.

  • Because of the limitation of your extended partition and the Disk Management program itself, you can’t make a new partition on free memory. Instead, you have to remove your free space and turn it into an unallocated memory.
  • It is just because you are not using the memory right. A lot of Windows users prefer to install tools and save data files to their system drive; soon, your drive will be filling. And then, the There Is Not Enough Memory To Complete This Operation error occurs.

However, if you attempt to move the unutilized space from drive E:, D:, or F: to the C: drive with Disk Management tool, you will locate that the extend volume is grayed out if there is no unallocated memory right behind the target disk (which hasn’t enough memory). So, we have collected the following fixes for assisting in fixing this issue that happened on the PC disk.

Why You May See This There Is Not Enough Memory To Complete This Operation Error?

You can usually experience this issue because of the absence of adequate system resources accessible for completing your task. The system resources might not be accessible because of the mismanagement of accessible memory that directs to filling up of resources, or a procedure might be running that can take more system resources than accessible, or you might be running a lot of system apps at once.

Try These Fixes:

Solution#1: Increasing The Paging File (The Virtual Memory)

When your RAM is not capable of handling all your requests, your computer will make use of the paging file (virtual memory) for temporarily saving the additional files. Frequently this paging file isn’t managed properly, so you will have to manage it manually. On the Windows 10 system, follow these steps to do this:

  • First, Do the Performance search.

  • Click Adjust the appearance & performance of the Win.

  • From that window, go to the Advanced section.

  • Click Change and a virtual memory screen will appear.

  • Choose your disk (if possible not C: or even the SSD disk) > from the bottom, select to set the Custom size. In the two boxes (final and initial dimensions) type in the same value in MB.

  • Click Set > OK at the bottom.

  • Reboot the computer for applying these changes.

Solution#2: Checking And Extensions & Apps

There’s not adequate memory for completing this operation that can, at times, appear because of certain extensions or apps. Try to keep in mind which extension or application you had installed before this issue emerged and attempt to uninstall that extension or app to check if that was the real reason. For removing an app, the best way is to make use of an uninstaller program like Revo Uninstaller. By utilizing the uninstaller tool, you will make sure that the chosen app is totally removed from the computer. If you utilize the browser extensions, you’d do well for turning all installed extensions off and activate them again just when you require them since several plug-ins reason the high RAM usage.

Not Enough Memory To Complete This Operation

Solution#3: Cleaning Up The Junk Files & Very Large Files For Freeing Up A Little Space

If your disk is theoretically filling up and causes such a problem, you do not have to purchase a new large SSD or HDD for replacing it, either. Try to do a little cleaning with Large File Cleanup and System Cleanup features in EaseUS Tools M. Let’s check if the error can be resolved after unloading the GBs of large files and junk files you never utilize.

For Cleaning The Junk Files:

  • First, download & install EaseUS Tools M > choose System Cleanup from the main screen.

  • Choose the junk file type you desire to scan > click on Analyze.

  • Identify > choose the useless files > click on Clean up for removing those files from the laptop or PC.

You ought to now free up much space from the partition and resolved the not enough disk space issue.

For Clean The Large Files:

Run the EaseUS Tools M tool, this time select Large File Cleanup > follow the wizard for removing the undesired large files.

Solution#4: Extending The Low-Memory Partition

When the Windows Disk Management tool sends not enough free memory or space for completing this operation problem, it seems that you will then have no option but to close your window. Instead of removing the existing partitions behind a partition with not enough space with the Disk Management, a 3rd-party Disk Management alternative app for proceeding the operation ought to be the best choice. The most suggested one is EaseUS Partition Master Tool, which offers advanced and basic partition and disk management, among which the move/resize partition feature and cleanup and optimization feature will assist the users effectively to fix this problem. Follow the guide cautiously to resolve the There Is Not Enough Memory To Complete This Operation problem.

Step#1: To begin extending the partition, you ought to first run the EaseUS Partition Master app > find the target partition which you’d want to extend.


Step#2: If there’s unallocated space left on the disk, utilize the Resize/Move feature for extending the partition with the following steps:

  • Right-click your target partition for extending > choose Resize/Move.

  • Drag your partition panel leftward or rightward for adding the unallocated space into the present partition > click OK for confirming.

You might also utilize the Partition size option for adjusting and extending the target partition.

If there’s no unallocated memory on the disk, utilize the Allocate Space feature for extending your preferred partition with the following steps:

  • First, right-click the partition with enough space > choose Allocate Space so as to allocate the memory to your target partition.

  • Choose your target partition that you have to extend > drag your partition panel leftward or rightward so as to add the space allocated from your source partition to your target partition > click OK.

Step#3: Click Execute Operation > Apply for keeping the changes.

It’ll totally remove the insufficient space issue form the Windows computer.