How to Fix OBS Not Recording Desktop Audio

Are you hunting for ways to record your screen with audio? Well, screen capturing is indeed a crucial feature for productivity particularly for gaming users these days. So, if you plan to record your gaming screen while recording the sounds of each player then you must need to have a recorder capable of recording both audio and video.

OBS (optical broadcaster software) is one such capable recorder that has the prestige of streaming live audio and video. It is a popular product that is extensively used by podcasters, Vloggers, YouTubers, and all other digital content creators who want to capture their screens along with the audio source. The best thing about the OBS player is that it doesn’t only record stored audio video files but is also great to work for live streams.

OBS not recording desktop audio

It is no wonder that Optical Broadcaster Software is a great tool for capturing audio and video but it is also not a surprise anymore to say that this OBS player frequently encounters a problem that gets it muted.  That is to say that there have been multiple complaints of users regarding OBS not recording desktop audio.

If you are suffering from the same issue then you might be interested in some quick fixes to swiftly resolve this issue of OBS not recording desktop audio.  Before digging deep into the solutions, it is of paramount importance to see if the problem is either caused by the wrong audio settings of the OBS or the incompatible Nahimic audio manager software.

Another important consideration before taking the corrective steps to repair this issue is to ensure that your OBS system or desktop is not muted. This is because if the systems are muted, it doesn’t matter if the player is capable of recording audio or not since there will be no sound, to begin with.Learn how to change mic sensitivity windows 10

How to fix OBS not recording desktop audio

Now that you have checked that both OBS and desktop are unmuted but still there is no sound to be recorded then it is time for you to take on the following methods for solving this problem and restoring the original functioning of the Optical Broadcaster Software.

Given below are the most convenient and useful five methods of solving this crisis. So, try any of these methods to set your OBS on track and begin recording the audio while at the same time capturing the screen.

Method 1: Checking settings for Audio Track

The foremost method to try for fixing the issue is to check the audio track settings by taking the following steps.

  • Open OBS and click on the files option.

  • Choose from the drop-down menu of files, the output.

  • Select recording from the output tab of the files menu.

  • From there select the list of tracks that you intend to record.

If the same tracks are selected that are played then the OBS will start recording the audio and issues will be solved. If not then go on with the next method.

Method 2: Checking settings for OBS Audio

If track settings have not caused any improvement and OBS issue persists then you have to tune OBS settings. Follow through the given steps to do so:

  • Open OBS settings by clicking on the stings in the application

  • Choose the audio tab and from there select the desktop audio devices.

  • From the drop-down menu choose the desired audio device that you want to tune.

  • Choose the auxiliary audio device that is most commonly a microphone.

  • Click on the apply tab to implement the settings and then click OK afterward.

If this step has solved the issue you can begin recording the desktop audio but if the issue remains intact then try on the next methods for fixing the OBS.

Method 3: Setting default audio source (Speakers)

To fix the OBS issue speakers can be used as the default audio source. For doing so, go through the following steps systematically.

  • Open the control panel, and select sound.

  • Open sound settings and right-click on the icon to open the sound control panel.

  • From the playback, the tab chooses speakers and then clicks on the select as default button to set the speakers as the default audio source for windows.

  • Then click apply to implement the changes caused by the settings.

Method 4: Adjusting the encoder

One probable reason for the faulty audio recording could be issued with encoder settings, so take the following steps to adjust the encoder and tune its settings for enabling audio recording of the OBS player.

  • Open OBS settings window.
  • On the left side of the window, the encoder will be shown.
  • Open the encoder drop-down menu.
  • Choose the bitrate box and select the 128th
  • Type 3500 in the selected box.
  • Locate the CBR option and turn it off by deselecting the check box.
  • Now click on apply the settings and then click on ok.
  • Restart the OBS player to see changes caused by desired settings.

Method 5: Disabling Nahimic audio manager software

Nahmic Audio Manager software is an important software for running audio optimization and playing audio track with equalizer and other sound-related functions. But due to wrong settings or due to incompatibility between the software version and the OBS player, the sound could be muted. As a result, the issues are caused that OBS issue.

So to avoid this problem, all you have to do is to disable the Nahimic audio manager by visiting the settings of the app. After doing so, the OBS will start its normal function and audio will be recorded.