Instantly Fix Outlook Need Password Won’t Open Loops

If you are an outlook user and it is proving impossible to access what you need because it keeps showing the same message that it needs your password, you might be getting frustrated. It is not uncommon in Outlook to receive this message and it can be a hassle to deal with.

If you are confused about how to deal with this issue, keep reading and it might be solved in just a few!

Why Am I Getting The Outlook Needs Password Error?

  1. You must be asking why this error even happens. Sometimes, there is an issue with your network connection that might be causing this issue. When there are network problems, it is possible that it might be causing issues with maintaining a stable connection with the server which is why Outlook is showing you this error.
  2. Another reason might be that your password stored in the account manager is incorrect. If you keep using the wrong password- the error is bound to show up.
  3. Outlook asks for password for maximum security. However, sometimes even the unlikeliest apps might be causing operational problem such as antivirus applications or software that is installed in to your device. These apps might be disrupting your connection with the Outlook server in the background which might be causing the error to show up.

With any application, there are bound to be errors. Some more recurring than others- but you do not need to worry. There are multiple methods you can try to get this issue resolved as soon as possible!

Method #1: Administrative Rights

First of all, try checking if you are running Outlook with administrative rights. This might be the quickest way to solve your problem.

  • Go to the Windows button on the bottom left corner of your screen.

  • Search ‘Outlook’.

  • Once it shows you the Outlook app, click on ‘run as administrator’. This might solve your issue.

However, sometimes you need to update your Outlook’s settings. You can contact your local IT support to help you out.

Method #2: Troubleshoot

You can also try some troubleshooting options- such as disconnecting your Microsoft Account from Office Applications.

  • First, open Review.
  • Go to Settings and select Accounts.

  • Once you have selected accounts, navigate Email and Accounts.

  • Click on accounts used for other applications, if you see any using your email address, disable them.

  • Restart Perspective.

Method #3: Check your Credential Settings

  • Start Outlook and go to File option.
  • Once there, under Account Settings, select your Exchange account.
  • Click the Edit button and go to the Other Settings.
  • Click on the Security tab and in the User Identifications Section, make sure that the ‘Always Prompt For Credentials’ option is not enabled.
  • Click OK and restart Outlook.

Method #4: Reset Connection Settings

Another way to do this is by resetting the connection settings for your Outlook Account.

  • First of all, go to your Control Panel click Information Manager and log in.

  • Navigate User Accounts

  • Go to Credential Manager.

  • You should be able to see Windows Credentials and General Credentials.

  • Delete any saved credentials referring to Office 365 or MS Outlook.

  • Click on Details and then Delete Storage. In the warning dialogue box, click Yes.

  • Repeat this until all of your credentials associated with your email address are deleted.

Method #5: Delete Cached Passwords

Deleting cached passwords is another method to try.

  • Exit Outlook and go to your Control Panel.

  • Once there, go to the Credentials Manager and find the credentials that are under Outlook’s name.
  • Click on the name so you can see all the credentials in their expanded form and click Remove From Storage.

  • Allow Registration With A Password.
  • Click on the File button and go to Account Settings.

  • Double click on the account in the Email Tab.
  • A new window will appear and you will have to enable the option that says ‘Remember Password’

Method #6: Use Third Party Apps

Using Third Party Apps is also an option when nothing else works. Above methods do help you figure out how to solve this error where outlook keeps saying need password but what if you have forgotten your password? This will definitely put a hitch in your plans. The solution is to download the Outlook Password Recovery Tool which will help you get rid of the password from Outlook PST File and then set a new one that you remember!

Conclusion: All of these methods are known to solve this problem one way or another. However, it the error still persists, it would be wise to contact a professional.