Fix Prime Video Internet Connectivity Problem Samsung, LG, Apple TV

There a lot of streaming services when it comes to streaming content, you have Netflix, you have amazon prime video, Disney+ and lots of more. All of these streaming services provide you content in the comfort of your room or even when you are on the go. These streaming services such as amazon prime require internet connectivity to stream or to download. Sometimes you may face certain errors regarding to the internet connectivity when using amazon prime or any other streaming service. Sometimes you can easily detect the problem, sometimes even though you have everything working correctly still amazon prime fails to connect or gives you a problem when connecting. To get to the bottom of the amazon Prime Video Internet Connectivity Problem you need to find the issue. Usually, amazon prime gives out code of error and every code has different solution to the problem.

Amazon Prime Video Internet Connectivity Problem Can Occur on Samsung TV, LG TV, Apple TV, PS4 & Nividia Shield Etc.

Amazon Prime video internet connectivity problem troubleshooting

Some of the problem you can face while using your amazon prime to stream prime video could be related to your poor internet connection. Or maybe the internet connectivity problem isn’t for you it could be a problem with your account or with the application itself. Here are a few techniques and tricks to help you fix the Prime Video Internet Connectivity Problem.If your hisense tv not working check our solutions.

  • You should restart your streaming device and see if that fixes the problem of your amazon prime to stream prime video

  • Restarting your home network devices can fix the amazon prime

  • Improving your wireless connection, if possible, maybe a solution to the internet connection problem

  • Switch from a wireless to a wired network connection to fix the internet connection problem

  • Update your Prime Video app see if that fixes the problem of your amazon prime to stream prime video

  • Clear your Prime Video app cache, or reinstall the app if necessary, see if that fixes the problem of your amazon prime to stream prime video

  • Make sure your amazon prime streaming device is fully updated by Amazon prime to fix the internet connection problem

  • Update your streaming device if necessary, see if that fixes the problem of your amazon prime to stream prime video

Most of the internet connection problem can be fixed using these basic troubleshooting solutions but if you are getting an error code which you do not know how to fix, we can help you fix those problem on your amazon prime. If your amazon prime to stream prime video has shown you any error code, here are the most common problems or error code Amazon prime can show you.Quicks fixes are available if your 5ghz wifi not showing up on our website.

Method #1: Fixing most common Prime video problems/error codes.

Most common problems a user can face while using their amazon prime to stream prime video is of slow streaming or no streaming at all. It could be due to internet connection problem or any other problem. The minimum requires internet connection to stream prime video is of 3.0 Mbps to stream content on High definition and need 5.0MBps internet connection to stream prime video on 4k resolution. Usually, Amazon prime will show you a code if it is facing any problem while streaming prime video. The code which amazon prime can display are:

  • 1007, 1022, 1060
  • 7003, 7005, 7031, 7135, 7202, 7203, 7204, 7206, 7207, 7230, 7235, 7250, 7251, 7301, 7303, 7305, 7306
  • 8020, 9003
  • 9074

These are different error codes are citing Internet connection problem regarding your amazon prime while you stream prime video. If you do not have strong internet connection you will face these error codes. To fix them you need to verify the internet connection speed from your internet provider, and see if the amazon prime streaming device is properly paired with your internet connection. Check if your internet connection problem is shared by other devices, turn off the internet connection on those devices and run the device which you are using for amazon prime to stream your prime video. Try switching to a wired internet connection rather than using a wireless to see if that fixes your problem.Fix spotify web player not working error right now using our guide.

Method #2: Fixing amazon prime error code 1060

The error code of amazon prime 1060 is a connectivity error code, which tells you that your streaming device is not connected to your internet connection, or the connection is bad, or that the prime video servers are not responding at the moment. This error code can appear when prime video is unable to load a video on its amazon prime web streaming player. To fix the Amazon prime error code 1060 you need to see if your internet connection is stable.Get Complete spectrum cable box error codes list.

  • Verify that your prime video device is connected to the internet and there is no internet connection problem.

  • If you still see the error you should restart your internet connection and see if that works.

  • If your internet is fine but still are seeing the error code, then the amazon prime servers are down, you have to wait for amazon prime servers to be rebooted or fixed.

Method #3: Fixing the Amazon prime error code 7031

This error code refers to a server error. Whenever you will face this internet connection problem you will see a message such as “Video Unavailable” “We are experiencing a problem while playing this video” this is a very common problem prime video users can experience. This problem means the servers at amazon prime are down or are going through repairment due to which they are unable to play the prime video.If your smart tv remote not working check our guide about it.

  • When this problem appears, you need to check social media to see if they have posted anything regarding this problem, if not then you need to check your internet connection problem to see if you have fixed the problem.Learn how to solve amazon fire stick home is currently unavailable error.

  • Usually, an outdated browser can be the cause of this error too. Go to the settings of your browser and check for updates to see if there are any updates for your browser.

  • You can also try using a virtual private network (VPN) to see if the amazon prime is streaming their prime video services.

  • As it is mainly a server issue on the amazon primes end you need to verify before taking any steps to fix the problem on your end.

  • If there is no evidence of the servers being down then you need to check with your ISP and see if your internet connection is working or not.


Method #4: Amazon Prime video download errors

Sometimes you want to watch your shows and movies on the go and prime video does offer downloading the episodes and movies on your phone using prime video application. You can download them and watch them without draining your mobile internet. But sometimes you might face an error saying we have encountered a problem with this video, you do not have any downloaded movies.

  • The fix to this is simple, you have to make sure you are connected to the internet when you are downloading from prime video.

  • Check if your premium membership is still active, if it is not you will not be able to download any movie or show from your prime video

  • Thirdly see if you are using your internet on a vpn connection, if you are turn it off as amazon prime will think you are in another country and will not let you download your required content on your amazon prime video