What is Prodeg ? Get Detailed Information

Prodeg is a long-standing management consulting and training firm based in Curitiba, Brazil. With over 30 years of experience, Prodeg offers a diverse range of services, including engineering, auditing, and consulting to clients in Latin American countries and beyond. Their clientele spans multiple industries such as telecommunications, transportation, food & beverage, construction, oil, retail, education, and gas. Prodeg’s headquarters are located in Brazil, and they provide consultancy services to medium and large-scale firms in commerce, industry, service providing, trade unions, and professional associations.

Services Offered by Prodeg

Prodeg provides a range of services to its clients, including cultural programmes, network and franchises, engineering, certifications, and compliance. Let’s take a closer look at each of these services:

Cultural Programmes

Investing in cultural programmes can have a significant impact on an organization’s growth and development. Prodeg offers cultural programmes that help to improve employee behavior and eliminate unnecessary risks, ultimately increasing the efficiency and dependability of internal operations.

 Network and Franchises

Prodeg’s team of specialists is dedicated to serving clients and helping them enhance the value of their businesses. They offer various training programmes to optimize networking and franchise management, allowing businesses to streamline their processes and increase productivity.



Prodeg’s project management team provides a variety of services to assist clients in keeping control over all aspects of their projects, which are critical to their success. The company’s engineering services help businesses to strengthen their security, organization, and regulatory compliance, ultimately enabling them to provide exceptional service to their customers.


In an increasingly globalized business environment, it’s essential to upgrade administrative processes and utilize cutting-edge technology. Prodeg offers certification services that standardize, integrate, and optimize businesses for the digital age.


Prodeg helps businesses comply with all applicable legislative requirements and standards established by their division. Compliance is critical to ensure conformity to all applicable rules, internal and external standards, and any company-specific policies and standards.

Prodeg HeadQuarter

Prodeg is headquartered in Curitiba and serves the entire national territory and Latin American countries, providing consultancy services to medium and large organizations in various sectors, including industry, service provision, commerce, and unions. Their mission is to develop custom solutions for each client through innovative methodologies, while ensuring the generation of goods, services, and results compatible with the company’s vision and values for current and future markets.

Prodeg values ethics, transparency, and principles, and provides quality services to deliver efficient and effective strategic and operational results to clients. Their experienced professionals have the qualifications to increase profitability for customers even in competitive scenarios.

Prodeg is ISO certified and places a strong emphasis on quality, reflected in their ISI 9001:2015 certification.

In conclusion, this post has highlighted the importance of Prodeg to your brand and how essential it is to avail their services or at least explore them. Prodeg provides great value to your operations and is highly ethical in its corporate practices. The company adopts various measures, both physical and technical, to ensure the proper management of personal data under its control. Their approach to risk planning has resulted in the development of relevant controls, protocols, policies, and processes to maintain these actions. We highly recommend Prodeg for any business looking for expert guidance in management consulting and training.