Program Too Big to Fit In Memory-How to Fix?

While the Windows operating system has a lot of errors and glitches that might pop up from time to time, the error for when your program is too big to fit in memory is a particularly tricky one. It is easy enough to see what this error contains but it is trickier to figure out what it means or what area is causing the issue.

What is the “Program too big to fit in memory” error?

It will let you know a lot of information including what the error is, why it happened and what part of your system is causing this issue to arise. While there may be other information as well, this is the main gist. Some of the data the error provides might be in numerical code as well.

This means it can only be identified by the manufacturer of either the part of the internal software that is to blame. Now coming to the tricky bit, you will see that this problem might appear to be straightforward but since it can develop multiple locations of your system, it can be difficult to figure out exactly which one caused it.

If you don’t have the right kind of tools or the right kind of skills to fix it, then you could be at a loss for what to do. However, that’s exactly where today’s article comes in since we are about to figure out how to fix the “Program too big to fit in memory” error.

Now that you are aware of what this error is, we still don’t exactly know what it entails. Therefore, let’s shed some light on what its main cause is as well. This will enable you to understand and eradicate the issue far better.

The main cause of the “Program too bigger to fit in the memory” error.

If you are confused about why your computer is showcasing this error, then you might want to know that it has been caused by a system operation malfunction. One of the most common factors that can lead to this error includes a power failure causing wrong system shutdown, a necessary system file or registry file being deleted by accident.Learn how to block photoshop in firewall.

Other than this, the issue might also be caused due to your system being under attack by malware or a virus or incorrect and incomplete installation of software that leads to invalid Windows registry entries. There might another valid reason why this happens but normally it should be one of these.

Most users, however, will attest to the most common reason being a failed Windows operation or application component. This might be the biggest reason why an application might be too big to fit in the memory.


Method #1 :  BIOS update error

If your issue lies with a computer BIOS update, then you need to make sure that the file you have downloaded is not located on your floppy diskette. If this happens then you might not get enough disk space and this might cause issues.

You will have to save the downloaded file onto the hard drive first and then extract it to your floppy disc. If this has failed to fix your issue but the error states the issue lies with your BIOS update, then contact the manufacturer for help on how to run the BIOS update properly.

Method #2 : Malware or virus

As we have mentioned earlier as well, one of the main reasons why this error might keep popping up is due to your computer being under a virus attack. So, to fix this, you need to make sure that your device has the latest anti-virus or DAT update installed.

Method #3 : The issue with your software

When you run the check and the issue you are encountering will be because of some software issue, then make sure that you check online whether that particular software has any new software updates, patches, or possible fixes you can run.

Method #4 : bat or config.sys error

If you start your computer, have a TSR loading function enabled and that’s when the error for “Program too big to fit into memory” hits, then your issue might be with the autoexec.bat and config.sys.

For Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98, you might need to verify that the emm386.exe and himem.sys are properly loaded. If in case this does not ensure that your issue is resolved, then you might need to try to temporarily remark or remove the lines that are extra and unnecessary from the autoexec.bat or config.sys.

For Windows 95 and Windows 98, changing the name of both autoexec.bat and config.sys. also helps in many cases. For those interested, here are the main steps to follow for this

  • Go to Start, select the option for Settings and then click on Shutdown. Then click on Restart the computer in MS-DOS mode.


  • The MS-DOS prompt will appear. Next, type in:

cd\ <press Enter>

ren autoexec.bat <press Enter>

ren config.sys <press Enter>

  • You might also need to reboot the computer once your files are renamed.

We have now reached the end of our detailed review on how to fix the issue when your program is too big to fit in the memory. This might be an annoying issue in most Windows OS, however, it is also quite a common one and as our article for today has shown, can also be fixed very easily.

Therefore if you ever come across a program too big to fit error, this guide is your best bet at identifying and resolving this issue. We hope this has been an insightful guide for all our readers and that we have given you all the important information that this topic entails!