Quickly Fix Ps4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting From PC

PS4 is among the most famous gaming consoles, which were built by Sony Computer Entertainment. As gamers, we all know that it is much more comfortable to play your favorite games on the laptop, the most comfortable device because you can take it anywhere and you can play games on it within your comfort zone.

The PS4, which is also known as DualShock 4, can be easily connected with the PC, laptop, or any other device you might want to play it on. You can connect it with a Wire connection, USB connection or you can also opt for the option of Bluetooth.

Now, many people have reported the problem that their PS4 controller keeps disconnecting from the PC while playing the games. This might seem a little issue for some but for serious gamers, this is so much more than just an issue.

Ps4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting – Possible Reasons

We understand you are concerned and looking for a solution right now, but we would like to jot down a list of reasons why it happens in the first place. You need to understand the issue first in order to look for a solution because there are many solutions to your problem but you should know what the problem in the very first place is.

  1. Bluetooth Drivers

The very first issue is when you try to connect your PS4 controller to the computer with the help of the Bluetooth method; if it is not connecting, at all, there might be no Bluetooth driver installed on your device and due to this very reason, your controller won’t be connected to the Bluetooth device at all.

If you are able to connect it via Bluetooth but it keeps disconnecting, the reason may be lie in the update or expiry status of your driver installed on your device.

If your drivers are updated and installed on the computer, yet you are still facing this issue, check your distance from your PC and where you have placed the controller. A wireless Bluetooth connection gives you comfort for sure but you need to maintain a close distance in order for it to work with stability.

  1. Check the Ports:

When you try to connect the PS4 with the USB method and it is disconnecting, there might be an issue with your port. Check your port connections and check when you plug in the USB if it is connected with your device or not.

  1. Check the cable connection:

The third method to connect your PS4 controller with a laptop is with the help of a cable or we can say wire connection. If your cable is not plugged-in correctly on both ends, you might see this error. You may also want to check the cable connections on both devices, maybe the port of one device is not working well and due to this reason, you are facing this issue. Lastly, do not forget to check if your cable is not damaged.

  1. Check the Battery:

You may want to check the battery of your PS4 controller. Sometimes we do not notice and try to look for faults in all other devices, except the one in our own hands. Make sure your PS4’s battery is up to the mark. Also, check if the controller you want to play with is damaged. In most cases, when everything is up to the mark the controller is damaged and we do not even notice that.

  1. Software is Necessary

When we play the PS4 on our devices, we install the DS4 software. This software helps to support the PS4 on our devices and it is very necessary to install it beforehand. If you have not installed it already and you try to play, you might face this issue.

We have tried to list down all possible reasons why your PS4 controller keeps disconnecting from the windows. Now, we will present the fixes and solutions for each of them and you can try out which works for you best.

Solutions to Fix ps4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting

Bluetooth Fix

  • First, we will try to fix the Bluetooth connectivity issue on your PC in general. If your device is having an issue with Bluetooth, connectivity this method will resolve it.
  • Open the settings on your PC

  • You will be taken to the windows settings screen

  • There, you need to choose the Update & Security option

  • Now from the navigation bar, choose the troubleshoot option

  • Now click on the Additional Troubleshooters option

  • There you will find the Bluetooth option, tap on it, and press Run the troubleshoot option

  • Now, the device will automatically detect and fix the issue lying here

  • This will detect and resolve any Bluetooth issue you might have been facing till now

Once you are done with troubleshooting, let us connect the Bluetooth device again

  • Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on
  • Now get a hold of your PS4 and hold its share button and PlayStation button together in order for it to be discoverable and the light on the controller pulses very rapidly

  • Now, go to your PC and Add other devices, search for the controller and it will appear in the list

Connect it again with your device and enjoy!

DS4 Software

  • This software helps you to connect your PS4 controller to Windows. Now, the very first thing you need to do is install the software on your device:
  • https://ryochan7.github.io/ds4windows-site/ (you can use this link to install the application
  • You also need to download .NET 5.0 for the desktop application. Here is the link https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet/5.0/runtime
  • Make sure in the.NET5.0 you are under the Windows option
  • Now, go to the Run Desktop Apps and choose the Download X64
  • If X64 doesn’t work for you, you can download the X86 version
  • Now, you need to download this file to make a PS4 controller profile https://github.com/almanzanoex/DS4Windows-Installation
  • Now, go to the downloads and open the run 5.0.8 or any latest version you have downloaded
  • Install it on your device
  • Now, make sure that any application that is running on your computer – which can be connected to your PS4 – is not running anymore
  • Now, extract the PS4 windows
  • Now, access the folder and application simultaneously
  • From the list given here, click on the DS4Windows option
  • A popup screen will appear where you want to save the data. You can choose according to your liking
  • Now, go to the DS4 Windows settings and choose the controller/driver setup option
  • Now, install the latest drivers set by step
  • Once you have installed the drivers you need to reboot your PC

  • Once rebooted, you have the DS4 windows on your system now

Now the next thing you need to do is that connect your PS4 controller with your PC. Once it is connected with your DS4 windows on your device, close the application. Head back to the downloads:

  • Now, you need to extract the DS4Windows-Installation-main
  • Once extracted, copy this file and go to the windows folder that you extracted before
  • There will be a folder named Profiles
  • There will be a default configuration for your PS4
  • Paste this file into that folder

By adding this profile in that folder, you will get an option on your DS4 windows for a controller profile. Now, run DS4 windows again. Connect your controller and select the profile you just saved and remove the default profile from here. The profile, which just added, has ideal settings beforehand and if you have a good controller these should be optimal for you.

Check for any damaged cable:

When you are connecting your controller via wire. Make sure all ports are in good condition and if the cable you are using is not damaged. If it is damaged, try changing the cable. Look for any ports that are not working for the USB connection. If there are any hardware issues that arise, you might want to change that specific product in order for it to work.

Bluetooth VS Wire Connection:

Well, all we have learned and experienced so far, your controller might act up the way you have connected it on your device. For many people, the wired connection works way better than a Bluetooth connection and for most, the Bluetooth connection works better than a wired one.

We must say at this point that this is totally up to you whichever connection you are using, and which works fine for you. If you are more comfortable using the wired connection you can do it but if the issue arises when you are using a wired connection you might opt for the Bluetooth connection option as well because that will be your last hope.

In addition, many people have acclaimed that normally a wired connection works better for them but when it comes to PS4 controller a wireless connection did a better job whereas the wired one did input lag.


We tried to mention all reasons and possible solutions for the PS4 controller and its connection issue with your PC. You can try these methods and we hope by the end of this article you have sorted out your issue.