Instantly Fix Ps4 Controller Orange Light

A number of lights appear on your PS4 controller indicating different scenarios or states it is in right now. They could be some modes as well as it can be a sign of trouble that you need to understand. A solid orange light – some people can see it as yellow or amber as well – indicates that your PS4 controller is in the rest mode. It usually means that you can still use your PlayStation to download necessary files and charge them at the same time in the low power consumption mode. However, if you haven’t chosen the rest mode and your PS4 controller flashes blue light then orange light, it can be assumed that there is something wrong with it.

What Causes the ps4 Controller Orange Light?

The actual reason for an orange light appearing on your PS4 console is unknown. A number of reasons affect your PS4 to flash solid orange light. Since its production, this issue has been seen and mostly a hardware or software issue, malware function, or bug is the reason for this issue. There are a number of possible solutions and tricks to resolve this issue.

Before we proceed towards the possible solutions for this error, we need to understand the color of the light bar that appears on your PS4 and what actual meaning they carry with them.

Light bar in terms of Technicalities and Games:

  • Blue

The blue color indicates player one while playing any game on PS4. However, when it comes to PlayStation it indicates that it is turning on. Blue light can be seen when you start your PS4.

  • White

The white light on your console means that everything is okay and there is nothing to worry about. When your system is turned on and there is no error or fault, the white light indicates smooth performance.

  • Red

While playing games on PS4 this light indicates player two. If we discuss the console technicalities, the red light means that your system is in overheat mode.

  • Green Light

The green light represents player three.

  • Pink

Pink light represents player number four.

  • Orange Light

Lastly, we have a solid blinking orange light on the list, which indicates that the system is on its way to enter the rest mode. After a while, you can see that the light is now stable and your system is in the rest mode. In the rest mode, your PS4 can charge and download different files as well.

Possible Fixes for your PS4 controller orange light:

The actual reason behind the sudden flash of orange light or we can also say yellow light is unspecified yet. Nevertheless, with the help of a few steps, you can get rid of the orange light issue for good. However, beforehand, you need to check the USB cable. The charging USB cable will ensure that your PS4 is charging correctly.

You can also try the reboot method. Turn off and again turn on your console to avoid any temporary bugs and errors present. There are many people, who resolved this issue just by turning off their console for a while, when the console was turned back again, the issue was also not present.

Removal of PS4 controller from Bluetooth Device:

There are times when the PS4 controller starts flashing the orange light while being connected to the Bluetooth. The solution to this issue is the removal of your controller from Bluetooth. Due to the issue with your controller in hand, you are unable to use it.

In order to remove the same PS4 having orange light issues, you need to download and install the remote play app on any other device to disconnect it from your Bluetooth device.

Download the remote play app:

Remote play is an application that can be used easily on almost all devices; be it Android, Apple, Windows, or Mac. You can download the app from their official website or simply click here

Once you are on the official website page, choose your preferred device and download the app as per instructions. Set it up on your system. Now, you need to enter the same login Id as the PS4 you need to disconnect from the Bluetooth. Once logged in, now you will be needed to set the PS4 in the creative scene section. After completing the process of setup, you can now control your PS4 settings on your laptop or mobile phone with ease.

  • Once your console is connected to your device you need to go into the settings section

  • In the settings section you need to look for the Device option

  • From here, go to the Bluetooth device option

  • There you can find the Dualshock controller, click on it and you will have a list of options, tap on the forget device option, and OK

Once you are done with the disconnecting process of your PS4 with the Bluetooth device, restart your remote controller once again by pressing the PS and Share button together for a few seconds. When the blue light on your console appears it means that your console is being restarted once again and you are good to go.

Try the popular PS button method

This method is very popular among peers as it works for most people. There is nothing hard to do here; all you need to do is press the PS button repeatedly. Yes, it is that simple!

  • The very first step is to turn off your PS4 console completely.
  • The next step is to connect the PS4 with the help of a charging cable to your DS4 controller
  • Turn on your PS4 now and you will see a message saying press the PS button to use the controller or something similar to this

  • Now, you need to press the power button, wait for a second beep and it will be turned off
  • Once again turn on your PS4, again wait for the PS button message and unplug your DS4 from the USB port
  • Now, you need to plug the cable back again and start tapping on the PS button many times over, you will now be able to see that blue light is flashing on until it gets stable


Try the Reset method

If the PS method did not work out for you, you can now opt for the Reset method. In this method, you will reset the console entirely. This method is usually very effective when it comes to any software-related issues in your console.

You need to keep this thing in mind that just like any other device, resetting your console will erase all of your data and you will get a console with nothing left in it. It is highly recommended to save this data beforehand or you can opt for the option of restart instead of the reset.

You need to follow these steps in order to reset the console:

  • The very step towards reset is to completely turn off your PS4 console
  • Now, remove the main power cord from your PS4 and you will have to wait for a few minutes
  • Now, after a few minutes, you can plug the power cord back and hold the power button for a few seconds, you will hear a second beep and now you need to plug the USB charging cable back into the PS4 and its other end into the Dualshock controller
  • With the help of the X button you can now start initializing by pressing on the option

After following the steps correctly, you will be able to reset your device by now.

Play the safe mode:

If none of the above-mentioned methods works out for you yet, you should consider starting it in safe mode. Now, before you proceed with this method, you need to make sure that its USB ports are working properly and absolutely fine. In this method, you will be required to use the cable to connect the DS4 controller with USB ports.

  • Again, just like any other step before, you need to turn off your PS4 completely, to begin with, the process
  • Press and hold the power button for a few seconds until you hear the second beep

  • Now, the next step is to connect our DS4 controller with the USB charging cable
  • Tap the PlayStation button on your DS4

  • Now, with the help of the X button, from the list of options, you need to select the Restart PS4 option

This method will restart your console and it is most likely that the issue at hand is resolved for good by now.


The PS4 orange light is a problem with no proper cause – or we can say that valid reason hasn’t been figured out yet – we have some assumptions about why it is happening and we have some possible solutions as well, which most of the time works for most of the people. You need to push your limits and try until the last method, hopefully, this will sort out this issue but if nothing has worked out yet so far we highly recommend you to connect with the official support of your console.