PS4 Controller Red Light – Fix in Seconds!

The PS4 is hands down a generational console. There is a reason it is Sony’s highest-selling console in its history. Sony has delivered time and time again with the PlayStation 4, be it updates in the system software or in its game library. Yet there is one issue that still bothers PlayStation players. That is the red light on the PS4 controller which they come across.

A red light on your Dualshock 4 (DS4) controller can mean a lot of things. It could be battery issues and a faulty controller in your hands which might be the reason for this. With the normal color bar of the DS4 light being blue, a red light is an indicator that something is wrong with your controller.

When your PlayStation controller shows a red light, it is an indicator of two things: the internal hardware of your PS4 might be broken or it could have a faulty USB port charging cable. Now that we’ve found out the reasons for this issue, we shall take a look at the solutions of this problem.

Before we begin there is another case that might show up in some games where the light bar starts flashing lights of different colors. Don’t worry as this is because of the game that you’re playing.

Solutions to Fix PS4 Controller Red Light

Replace DS4 Cable

We pointed this out only a few moments ago that the red light of death on your DS4’s light bar indicates a faulty USB port or controller which is why you will need to replace the cable of your Dualshock 4 with a new one.

Although there is a USB cable sent by Sony in the box of your PS4 when you purchase it, that still doesn’t rule out the possibility of a faulty charging cord. The solution for this is fairly easy. You will need to replace your faulty cable with a new one. Chances are that you might find one lying around in your house because DS4 controllers use the same cable as Android phones.

Once you replace the faulty cable with the new one then you can connect your controller to the console and press the power button on your controller. Since you’re using a new cable, the controller will begin to function normally with its blue light and yellow light if it’s charging.

Reset PS4 Console

When your DS4 controller acts up at times, one of the reasons that could be so is due to some problem in the hardware of your console. The controller is what controls that console after all and a PS4 controller’s red light might be a way of telling you that something is wrong with the console instead of the controller.

Here is how you will reset your PS4 console:

  • Turn off your PS4 after pressing and holding your power button
  • After this, unplug the power cable from the back of your console
  • Wait for a few minutes and then plug it back again
  • Next connect your controller and charging cable into your console
  • Press the PS button now which is going to turn your controller on

If this doesn’t fix the PS4 controller red light problem then you can move on to the next solution.

Reset Your PS4 Controller

After you’re done resetting your console, the next method is to reset your DS4 because the reason your PS4 controller might be flashing red light is due to corrupted software of your console. Here, you will need to restart your controller:

  • Flip over your controller to its opposite side and look for the reset button
  • You will see it as a small hole that you can press by putting a small, pointed object inside of

  • Hold the button for 5 seconds and then connect your controller back into your console to see if it works.

Operate your Console in Safe Mode

If you believe that there might be some issue in your console in terms of hardware or software and it is making your PS4 controller have a red light then you can try using your PS4 in safe mode. The Safe Mode is usually chosen when there is a problem in the PS4’s firmware.

Here are the steps to use your console in Safe Mode:

  • Switch your PS4 off
  • Press and hold the power button for ten seconds after which you will hear two beeps
  • Proceed to connect your DS4 with a USB cable while pressing the PS button on your controller

Operating your PS4 in Safe Mode can help you avoid further issues in your console’s software if there are any. This is specifically why Sony has built the PS4 with this mode because after some time these problems do tend to occur.

Replace the Ribbon Cable

If your PS4 controller red light hasn’t been solved yet then you can move onto this method where the reason your controller might be acting this way is due to a defective ribbon cable in the internal part of your console’s hardware.

If something has happened to the ribbon then that indicates broken hardware. If your controller’s ribbon doesn’t work and it doesn’t charge your controller then you can fix this issue by two ways: clean the ribbon with isopropyl alcohol or replace your ribbon cable with a new one.


We hope these methods help you work towards a solution where your PS4 controller shows a red light. We’ve mentioned the issues that might cause this as well as the solutions for this problem so we are hoping that since you’ve reached the end of this guide, you will now be able to troubleshoot the issue of your PS4 controller’s red light better.

We would hate it if you miss out on some of the best games of this generation just because your controller is acting up!