Quickly Fix Ps4 Controller Spinning in Circles Issue

When you own a PlayStation 4, there are several times where you can face inconveniences. Be it in the console or in the controller, since it is a machine, it is going to go through wear and tear and will eventually wear out at a time.

Luckily, there are solutions for its problems and for today’s problem, we have a PS4 controller which is spinning in circles. In gaming terms, this phenomenon is known as “drifting”.

The Dualshock 4 is one of the best gaming controllers ever made for gaming but that doesn’t prevent it from having issues. As mentioned, these machines eventually wear out after a time of use. Even though it’s a cordless controller and doesn’t come with any kind of camera connected to it, the drift in the analog stick is considered to be an anomaly.


Let us discuss the causes of this controller drift because if your character or camera keeps moving on the screen even when you’re not touching your controller then that could cause you a huge inconvenience while playing your game. This could be due to two of the following reasons:

  • Dirty analog stick
  • Analog stick potentiometer is damaged

At first you might think it’s a glitch or something but after a few seconds when it keeps happening, you realize that it is in fact a glitch. The buttons won’t be showing any problem here because they aren’t connected to the joystick.


Here is how you can fix the problem of drift on your controller because anything that disrupts your gaming experience needs to be gotten rid of immediately. Carry out the following steps until the controller begins to work properly. Here are the steps on how you can fix the settings for your Dualshock controller.

Reset PS4 Controller

Resetting your Dualshock 4 is one of the ways the drift issue can be solved. Since the drift problem usually occurs unannounced so you can’t really say if it is going to occur early or late. The best you can do when it first happens is carry out a soft reset on your controller. You can always opt for a hard reset if a soft reset doesn’t work.

Since this controller is wireless then you will need to reset it using small hole at the back of it. If a reset doesn’t work then you can switch to the next solution.

Clean PS4 Controller

In this step, you’ll need to gently wipe around the crevices of the analog stick using a dry cloth made out of microfiber. Use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and water, this will help get rid of the grime on the controller. IPA is the usual chemical agent used in order to get rid of dust and debris and it won’t harm your controller at all.

Put the swab in the headphones jack to if possible. Having your devices connected constantly to the console at all times isn’t good if you don’t clean your setup on a regular basis. Use canned air if there is debris that needs removing.

Controller Fixing or Replacement by Sony

Contacting the console manufacturer is necessary if your console is relatively new. This is because its warranty still might be intact. As we’ve told before that it doesn’t matter whether your console is old or new, this problem could arrive anytime.

Go to the PlayStation Repair and Replace page and choose the “Dualshock 4” controller to see if you’re eligible to get your console repaired or replaced. Talking to a Sony representative would be helpful as well since they will be able to provide you with better support.

Open Your Controller to Clean the Analog Stick

In order to clean your controller the right way, remove the outer casing of the controller first and lift its battery after which you will come across the motherboard. Use a mixture of water and IPA and dip a cotton swab into the area. Use the swab gently in the interior parts of the controller.

Replace Analog Sticks

The final answer to your problem is to replace the analog sticks of your controller. If you have the required tools on you and you’re willing to attempt to replace the analog sticks along with a new potentiometer then strike away. If you aren’t confident of doing it yourself then we’d recommend you to buy a new controller.


With the PS5 still out of reach for many gamers due to scalping issues, those who do have the PS4 are going to utilize its life cycle to the best. We hope Sony keeps this problem in mind and instead of revamping the menu with every update on the PS5, it manages to solve the issue of our PS4 controller spinning in circles!