Fix Ps4 Controller Won’t Charge With USB

The PS4 controller can be connected to the PlayStation wirelessly and with a wired connection. Most of the users prefer the wireless connection as it flexible and one can play games sitting far away from the console sitting on their sofas or on their bed. Most of the gamers hate wires so the wireless connection is their preferred choice. However, many of the users face a common issue of ps4 controller won’t charge with the usb connected to the ps4. There could be many reasons behind this error. It could be that the wire is faulty, or the usb port has dust or other reasons. We have discussed the most common issues and how to solve them in this article.

Fixing the ps4 controller won’t charge with usb error

There could be many reasons behind the controller won’t charge error such as debris in the usb port, malfunctioning charging port, or many other reasons. We will go through the most common issues and their solutions.Solving xbox one controller audio jack not working is also very easy.

Method#1: Resetting the PS4 controller to fix the not charging issue

The fist solution could be checking your controller and to see if the controller is working properly. Usually, a malfunctioned ps4 controller could be reason behind it not charging. It is recommended to reset your controller using these steps before moving on to the other solutions:

  • Look for the reset button on your controller, it is a small hole at the back of your controller under the L2 button

  • Use a pin or a toothpick to press and hold the button for 5 to 10 seconds and then let go of the button

This will reset your controller and will fix the charging issue if not you should refer to the other solutions.

Method#2: Plug the ps4 controller to the laptop or any other device

Sometimes the controller may have difficulty in charging through the PlayStation4. You can plug it into your laptop or into your pc or anything with a usb port that supports charging. This will either fix the problem or will help you narrow down the causes behind this error.Learn to fix hypex cloud flight if your hyperx cloud flight mic not working.

Method#3: Performing a power cycle for the ps4 controller to fix charge error

If the controller has encountered an error you might face the “Ps4 controller will not charge error” You need to follow these steps to perform the power cycle:

  • Turn the PlayStation 4 controller and console completely off

  • The out the main power supply wire of the PlayStation 4 from the socket and after a couple of minutes hold the power button of the playstation to drain out the remaining energy.

Now connect your PlayStation 4 controller to the console to see if the it has fixed the issue or not. If the issue is still there you need to follow the other solutions.

Method#4: Replacing the faulty PS4 controller charging cable

The other common reason behind the ps4 controller not charging can be a faulty cable. Most of the time the cable is either damaged from either ends or in the middle. To check if the cable is working or is faulty, you need to connect the same cable to some other device to check the cable. If the other device also fails to charge using the controller cable this means you need to change the PlayStation4 cable to fix your issue. If the device is charging using the same cable then there must be some other problem. However, we will suggest to try at least two or three different cables to see if the problem is fixed or not.

Method#5: Faulty charge port of the PS4 controller

If you have tried different cable and still you are failing to charge your PlayStation4 controller then the charging port of your ps4 controller must be broken or faulty. You cannot fix the faulty usb port at home so you need to take it to an authorized person to fix the issue. You can continue fixing the usb port of the controller at home using tutorials online but we would not recommend doing that as you can completely damage your controller.Learn do wii controllers work on switch

Method#6: Replacing the controller Batteries.

When you connect your charging cable to the PlayStation4 and you see that it does connect to the PlayStation4 but is not charging, this means the ps4 controller batteries have gone weak. They have completed their life cycle and now they should be replaced with new batteries. For this you need to contact the authorized mechanics of the console and get your batteries replaced. You can continue fixing it at home using tutorials online but we would not recommend doing that as you can completely damage your controller




These are the most common issues and their fixes. If you are facing some other error you need to contact customer support for more information or you have to go out and purchase a new controller.