Quickly Fix Fallout 4 Brown Face Fix

Fallout 4 is one of my favorite games and I love to play it in my spare. It has it all, role-playing, apocalypse, action, and whatnot. However, I noticed a glitch during the game where my main character and some other followers had a change in the color of their faces. This change normally can be seen as brown, rusty, or even black.

Try These to Fix Fallout 4 Brown Face

A white or yellowish body color with a brown face can be seen on characters and this happens due to a few reasons listed below:

  1. High-Resolution Texture Pack:

This game work on mods. We need to install mods to have a better experience but sometimes, mods can be faulty and they do not go well with each other, which causes a brown face glitch in the game. When you install face and body mods, high-resolution DLC in the game will create this glitch. Make sure that your recently added mods are not at fault and they are going well with each other.

  1. Folder/File issue

When you install a faulty game file, it is highly possible and can result in a brown face glitch in the game. Normally these corrupted files are unable to render the NPC faces, which actually is the issue here. Therefore, what you can do is, install a new mod that resolves this issue immediately.

You need to figure what is the issue in your case in order for a solution to be processed properly.

Now shall we head to see the fixes?

Fixes for the Fallout 4 brown face:

  1. High-Resolution Texture Pack DLC:

The top on the list here is the High-Resolution Texture Pack DLC. This mod is actually used to create the texture – especially in booster and Cambridge areas – put simply; it enhances the buildings as well as all other areas inside the game. Now, what is the link between this to the brown face bug?

When you download and install the High-resolution texture pack DLC, the game tries to load the texture mod for your faces while also trying to overlay decals on top of the things like eyebrows, face paints, makeup, dirt, as well as other face details. The glitch usually happens when the face details do not match the size and resolution of the face texture.

The high-resolution texture pack did come with improved textures for all people, but they are nowhere near as good as other mods are available. Nevertheless, the issue is, even if you have stuck with your mods, a brown face glitch still appears.

This whole situation might be a bit overwhelming for you but no need to worry; we have a quick fix for this issue here.

  • You need to open your Bethesda archive extractor
  • This will allow you to peer inside your BA 2 files
  • Go to the SSD files and open SteamLibrary
  • Click on the option and you will be taken to a new window screen, there you need to open the Steamapps option
  • Now, from the list here please open Common
  • Now, click on Fallout 4 and then the data folder
  • Scroll down the list and you will find the list of new textures saved there
  • In the DLCUltraHighResolution –Textures01.ba2 you will find textures file
  • Click on it and again tap on actors file
  • Scroll down the list and you will find a character option, click on it and the new list will be opened
  • There you will find BasedHumanFemale and BasedHumanMale options

If you find these options there, go back to the data folder and delete the DLCUltraHighResolution file from there. This will remove some new high-definition textures from this specific DLC from your game that will be about 4 gigs worth.

Alternatively, you could also use Bethesda’s file extractor, and unpack this ba2. You can now put the new textures as loose files in your data folder. This might seem an easy way out but it can potentially affect your FPS. It is better for the game to load a texture from a ba2 file than from loose files.

If you follow the brief instructions given above, delete the first ba2 file, and you can easily restore your aces back to normal.

This way, you can use both the high-resolution texture pack DLC and your mods – previously installed – alongside without any mess-up.

  1. AFT Master Control

We can easily fix this issue by using AFT Master Control settings inside the game.

  • Look for settings, and tap the INV option from the top bar
  • Now, choose the AID option in the second section below the top bar
  • There, you will find the AFT Master Control option
  • You can now, assign this to your 4 favorite buttons
  • Choose its location and you are almost done
  • Once you added it on your control button, aim at the character you want to fix the brown face bug issue
  • Tap on the AFT Master Control (you might need to wait before the settings appear)
  • You will get some settings to option on your controller
  • From the options among the list, you need to choose the ‘Appearance’ option from here
  • Now, go down the list and choose the option named ‘Sculpt’
  • You will see a notification popup bar which will let you know that choosing the Sculpt option might affect your character’s appearance and some extra features might disappear
  • Press Ok to continue with it

Once you are done, your character might disappear for a few seconds or minutes, but there is nothing to worry about at all. When the character appears back on the screen. Again, aim at her in order to interact with her. You can now rotate your character as per your desired position.

Now let your character let go back to in order to be re-equipped. You can easily do this by choosing its normal wear.  You need to save the settings, and you are done.


This game work on mods for better results. Some mods work fine while others may create a hassle for you. Sometimes the issue is not that big and you can simply resolve it by relaunching the game on your device once again. This way may resolve some bugs and glitches without using any other methods. You need to remember that if you opt for the option you might want to close all Fallout 4 processes or programs running in order to avoid any prospect damages.