Instantly Solve Razer Deathadder Double Click Issue

The mighty Razer Deathadder is considered a legend in the world of gaming. It is super-efficient, designed in a way that will help to have a great number of CPS, accuracy, and performance. While the razer is known as one of the best gaming mice you can have, there is also a very concerning issue we have seen over the period of time.

There is a huge number of cases reported where most of the razer Deathadder mice; Deathadder 2013, Deathadder Chroma, Deathadder Elite, Deathadder V2, and Razer Naga are double-clicking on a single click. The complaints can be seen on the internet as ‘my razer mouse keeps double clicking’. The issue is genuine and annoying at times as well, but there are a number of factors involved to a reliable answer about why it is happening. Each time, when this issue arises, you should check whether it is a hardware or software issue and look for the solution accordingly.

We will make an effort to list down all possible reasons why it is happening in the first place, alongside what measures you should take to sort this out at the earliest to enjoy your gaming and working experience just like before.

Why Razer Deathadder double click?

The actual reason why razer DeathAdder is suddenly double-clicking can vary from the case and situation of each person. Normally, the very first thing you should check is if there are any software-related issues are involved. There can be a static charge buildup issue and it’s quite infrequent but there is a possibility that your mouse switches have been worn out.

Possible solutions for Razer Deathadder double click issue

Once the problem is figured out, you can opt for possible solutions that might work for you.

1. Reboot or adjust the mouse

Sometimes there are temporary bugs and issues in our hardware that can be easily resolved by following the old-school methods. Rebooting method works for almost all electronic devices and if your razer mouse starts double-clicking on a single click out of nowhere, the best and instant solution and way out of this issue is to reboot or detach your mouse from the system. Here is how to do it in a few simple steps:

  • The very first step is to detach or unplug the mouse from your PC or laptop
  • Now, you need to press and hold the left as well as right buttons of your mouse alongside the scroll wheel

  • Once you are holding all buttons together, try plugging in the switch once again
  • After plugging in, hold the button for 8 to 10 more seconds

Once you release the buttons, your double-click issue must be resolved and it will not bother you again. If the issue arises after some time, you can try repeating the whole process once again. It is simple and eradicates the issue in a few minutes. This method works for other mice too as the technical errors can arise in all products and the issue to resolve them is quite the same.

2. Try turning loose the static charge buildup

A static charge buildup in your mouse over a period of time can cause the double click problem when you press it as a single click. This often happens when you are living in a low humidity level and use the mouse buttons in rapid motion frequently. Nevertheless, the static charge build u does not damage your mouse in any way but some issues like this may arise depending on the situation.

The problem can be resolved easily if you blow out the humidity somehow or try breathing in the gaps fix. Both blow and breath help to get rid of static charge buildup in between the gaps from different angles. You need to make sure that the process is done properly so that there is no static charge left in there.

This method works every time you come across a static charge buildup issue in your mouse and due to any reason; you are unable to change your humid environment.

3.Try updating the firmware

Next come up on the list is the mouse firmware. The firmware software of Razer is the most common cause of double click issues in the whole mouse series. This is the only issue that can be considered as a drawback of the razer DeathAdder – but if we look upon all the good sides – we can turn a blind eye and look for a suitable solution. The company itself has guided its customer on updating the firmware to get rid of this issue for once and all. You can easily update the mouse firmware – according to the series you have – by getting the updated version of it from its official sites.

  • You need to get the link to the software from the official website of Razer.
  • Download and install it
  • The mouse will not be responding in this whole process and you simply need to follow the instruction that comes along with the updated firmware

This is an essential step if your mouse has no significant hardware issue. This is the most common issue of double click in your Razer DeathAdder.

4. Try speeding up the double click

It is highly likely that the synapse and troubleshoot of your mouse resolve the error but if the issue is still there, you can try to speed up double-click with the help of the control panel in your computer. This method cannot be considered as a legitimate way of resolving the error but as long as it works, there is no harm to try.

  • Open the control panel on your computer

  • Go to the mouse and keyboard options from here

  • Choose the mouse settings option from here

  • From here you need to look out for the buttons option, you will find a slider here.

  • Slider helps you to increase and decrease the speed of your mouse

This method surprisingly works in many cases and it actually helps to resolve the issue

5. Replacement of switches

The last resort to resolve this problem is the replacement of the switches. If nothing worked out yet, you must opt for this option.

You can easily carry out this process at home but the option to take it to a professional is always a wise one. If you are doing it at home, you will need to disassemble it by unscrewing it at first, next comes the removal of the bottom plate, followed by the removal of cables connected to the circuit.

After that, you need to remove the circuit board alongside the power cable with the help of screws and you will be able to see the switches now. Replace the old switches with new ones. Assemble the mouse once again and you will be good as new.


All electronics devices need maintenance and care at some point and if you knew how to fix and resolve small issues at home, it can save you a cost of arm and length. You should figure out the cause of the issue at first and try all possible methods mentioned here to resolve this issue at the earliest.