Fix Now! Roblox Error Code 524

It is always frustrating when you plan on gaming all night but the servers of your game fail to connect. You try to fix your console, restart your internet, check the internet to see if the server is down, and but you cannot find any solution to this error. You lose hope and go to sleep instead of gaming all night. Failed to connect or getting an error while connecting to an online game is the worst nightmare of any gamer.

The Roblox error code 524

The roblox error code 524 is of similar nature, it crashes your game and an error pops up saying “Not authorized to join this game” (Error Code 524). When you go to roblox website and look for the solutions to this error, you would realise that this issue can be caused by any different reasons. The error code 524 shows various times when you try to join a game. It may even crash your game while you are playing. Sometimes it might kick you out of the game and give you an error of “You are not allowed to join” Error Code 524.

Roblox website says that these issues could be only displayed when the servers from roblox are down and when you dig down deep that is not the only issue. There are many other issues which causes the error code 524.Facing discord notifications not working ? error solve it now


If you are one of the people who are in the same position and want to get rid of this error you are in safe hands. We have found many ways to fix the error code 524 so all the gamers can play their game in peace without getting the roblox error code 524. We advise you to make a system backup point if anything goes wrong while trying to fix the error code.You can also learn how to see coordinates in minecraft windows 10

Method #1: Roblox account to be older than 30 days

After the crackdown on hackers, roblox servers do not allow users whose account are new. As most of the new accounts were used by hackers to exploit roblox. To stop this, they decided not to entertain new users. Whenever one tries to join a roblox server using a new account they will be automatically kicked and banned and there is a high chance you will get the error code 524. Make sure your account is old enough or else you won’t be able to join any game and will get the error code which is the roblox error code 524.If Roblox or any other steam gaming is not running smoothly then learning how to allocate more ram to steam games is recommended.

Method #2: Checking if roblox servers are down to fix the error code 524

The next common reason behind the error code 524 is the roblox servers going down. This usually happens when roblox servers are overloaded or are going under maintenance hence they are down. The roblox application does not tell you about that rather than it directly crashes it and you our kicked out with an error code. Or you will face the error of fail to join the server. As there are no official ways to check if the servers are down on not like the xbox or playstation you need to refer to an unofficial website. “” Here users join and report if the servers are down or not. There is a graphical representation of the roblox server too. You can check the graph to see whether the roblox server is down or not. This is one of the most effective ways to know why the roblox error code is popping up again and again. This is not a fix to error code 524 as the issue is on roblox side, you just can sit and wait for the servers to go back up and the error code goes away so you can play in peace.

Method #3 VIP Roblox Server invitation to fix the error

The other reason behind the error code 524 could be you attempting to join a server as a guest. To fix this error code you need to change your settings of roblox server invitation to everyone. This way you can join any of the private roblox servers instead of joining only your friend’s server. This will definitely fix the roblox error code. To fix this you need to

  • Open up the roblox website or application
  • Navigate to the settings
  • In there, go to the privacy tab and select from everyone in the who can invite me settings.

This will fix the roblox error code, if still the error exists you can try the other methods which are listed below

Method #4 Blocked accounts cause the problem 524

The other most common reason of users facing the error code 524 is due to their account being banned by the roblox server. You should definetly check that if your account is banned or is not banned. If you are trying to connect to one specific server and are not getting access this means you have been banned from that particular server and are getting the roblox error code. In this situation roblox cannot do anything to get you unbanned from that server, instead you should try another server. You can always ask the owner or the admin of that game server and see if they can unban you.

If you are getting the error code while joining other servers too there is a chance that your account might be banned by roblox itself. To check if your account is banned or not, there are two ways:

  • Create a new account and try to join the game servers, if you can easily join it means your other account has been banned by roblox
  • If you still get the same error, contact Roblox support services to know why were you banned.

Method #5: Changing your IP Address

If you were unable to access the roblox servers using your new account too, then there could be a chance of your IP getting glitched. This is a pretty common issue, as many users have already complained that they cannot game and their IP has glitched. To fix this issue you need to change your dynamic ip to a static ip, here how its done:

  • Open up your command prompt and copy paste the codes stated below
    • ipconfig /flushdns netsh winsock reset
  • After entering the codes above, go to your control panel
  • In the control panel settings navigation to the network and internet options
  • After that go to the Network and sharing menu
  • Change adapter settings and then click on the internet and properties
  • Click on the Internet protocol version 6 and then change the settings of USE DNS server address and change to a static IP

This should help you get rid of the error code 524 and will let you allow to join any servers you want and can easily play your game and enjoy your game time.

Method #6: Disabling your ad blocker

Users often use ad blockers to get rid of the nasty and unwanted ads that pop up whenever you are scrolling on the internet or watching videos. There are cases where the ad blocker considers roblox as an ad and blocks its services terminating the process of the application. And roblox then kicks you out of your game and gives you the roblox error code which is the error code 524. Uninstalling the ad blocker would be one way to go but if you really use the adblocker you can disable while you are trying to connect to the game server. This way you can use your adblocker when you are using your internet and can game too with the AdBlock service off. Or if you do not want to hide your adblocker you can always use the incognito mode of the web browsers and play on roblox using the incognito mode.

Method#7: Re-install roblox again

If every other thing fails to work for you, you need to download and reinstall the roblox software again.

  • Firstly, you need to delete or uninstall roblox from the start menu.
  • After uninstalling it from the start menu
  • Download Roblox again from its website
  • Run the exe file and install roblox again by following the instructions that pop up on the screen

By now the roblox error code would be resolved and you will be able to play in peace and enjoy your time. If the error still persist you need to contact customer support for further help.


All possible methods were present in the article, if you still have problems of roblox severs or roblox error code, We highly recommend you reaching out to the customer support and discussing the problem with them. There could be a system ban on your pc, or even an IP ban, you should then definitely consult the customer service so that your problem should be sorted out. There is a chance that your country does not have roblox servers too, other than that we have discussed every possible solution to help you guys play in your favorite roblox in peace.