How to Use Roku on Multiple TVs

The Roku TV is one of the popular video streaming options in modern times and has millions of active users worldwide. The competition of Roku tv with the forecast and Roku stick is much-hyped in the market and the resilience of Roku tv in the video streaming category is all thanks to loads of desired content that users want to stream at high image quality.

One of the leading reasons for the immense fame of Roku tv out of so many widespread video streaming platforms available in the market is due to its high visual appeal and top-notch image quality. Roku TV can be used with an FHD display at 1080 pixels resolution and it can be used at 4K UHD 2160 pixels. The same goes for the 2K QHD and WQHD resolution of 1440 pixels image quality.

This flexible resolution approach allows users to choose any display screen according to their budget and choose an affordable Rokkku TV package to keep pace with the ever-changing streaming world without breaking the bank.

Roku on Multiple TVs

Although Roku Tv is enjoying unparalleled fame and repute in the industry users still want to have the best bang of their buck and want to enjoy the content displayed on Roku while sitting In separate rooms. This is to say that an entire family can use a single Roku TV account and enjoy their privacy while enjoying the video content streaming on the Roku platform.

Watching Roku on multiple Televisions is a dream or desire of millions of users who are looking to avoid the chaos caused by multiple accounts and also want to avoid splashing fortune in getting multiple monthly subscriptions of the video streaming platform.

How to Het Roku on multiple TVs

To enjoy Roku on multiple Televisions users have to follow certain methods to get their devices hooked up together for using a single video streaming account that is a Roku account registration process.

Method 1: Using cable connection for Multiple TVs

Just like the cable connections are used to make connections with the TV Roku subscriptions are also mediated through either Roku Box or Roku firestick. If you are using a Roku box and want to use the Roku subscription account on TV screens across two rooms then an HDMI Cable connector can be of utmost use.

Using the cable connector HDMI splitter connection can be made at the box. In simple words, an HDMI splitter will be used to split the HDMI port on the Roku TV box into two individual HDMI ports that can be powered by a single cable, and then a connection can be made with two TV screens. Thus a single subscription will allow you to share the Roku box for two rooms on two TV screens.

The flow of the power or content will be like given below

Roku TV box> HDMI cable> HDMI splitter> 2X HDMI cables> 2X TV screens

The same process can be used for splitting Roku box connections into multiple ports as many as 20 Roku connections.

Method 2: Using a wireless connection for Multiple TVs

if you want to expand the connection area and the HDMI splitter is of no use or if you want to have a clutter-free connection of multiple rook with TVs then a wired method wouldn’t be suitable. So, users can go for a mess-free wireless mode for which they will need services of an HDMI extender.

It is aaa device that is hooked up with an HDMI port and will transmit the signals wireless just like the modem… so you can connect the Roku TV box with an HDMI extender and this extender will transmit signals wirelessly to nearby devices which can log in to the subscribed Roku account to enjoy the video streaming on multiple screens.  The HDMI extender needs to be within 100 feet of the TV screen for picking up signals.