Easily Run Windows XP From USB – An Overview

While Windows XP now seems outdated since its initial release in 2001, it is still one of the most popular Microsoft OS since it is super user-friendly. Its popularity also stems from it being one of the first Windows formats that a lot of us experienced interactions with!

So, if you are still running a version of XP on your PC, then this article might interest you! Today, we will be figuring out how to run Windows XP from USB. Of course, it can be done and we will let you know in our detailed and step-by-step guide on how to achieve this! So, stay tuned for vital information ahead!

Why would you need to run Windows XP from a USB flash drive?

Of course, you might be wondering why it becomes necessary to run Windows XP from a USB flash drive and you will be surprised by the answer. This is because in case your hard drive crashes and you lose your data, you can still salvage your data by installing it on Windows XP.

This means that even if all your data is gone on the system or your hard drive or your device has been infected by a virus, your important information will be secure. An important thing to keep in mind is that to run Windows XP from your USB, you will first need to install it there as well

However, this also means that to install it, your drive needs to be prepared for it. It is not enough to just add the USB to the computer. On the contrary, you will need to make a copy of Windows XP and utilize some software so it lets you install that copy onto your USB.Trying to connect usb and facing usb device not recognized keeps popping up error ? solve it easily using some best methods.

How to run Windows XP from USB?

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • First, restart your computer. Then you need to go to the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System).

  • To enter BIOS, you will need to press F2/DEL keys when the computer is restarting.

  • Next, check the boot settings by clicking on Boot Device Manager on the Property Click on USB-HDD boot as the first boot device.

  • After this, you will look at the USB disk manual and check if it is bootable. If yes, use the disk, and if no, use the Command Prompt to make it bootable.
  • Next, go to Start and select Run and type %systemroot% and press enter.

  • You will then go to Control Panel, click on Folder Options and click the option for View. Go to Show Hidden Files and Folders and click Ok.

  • You will find other files in the folder. Select and copy the ini, ntldr, and ntdetect options and paste them into your thumb drive.
  • After that, choose PEBuilder and install it. It will turn your Windows XP into a bootable copy of Windows XP on your thumb drive.

  • Your next steps are to add your Windows XP installation disk in the CD drive and launch PEBuilder. Then click the option next to the Source file and choose the installation files on the CD.

  • Keep the Custom field empty in the PEBuilder. Add BartPE in the Output field. Press on Build to create a Windows XP installation copy.

  • Next, click on Start and launch Command Prompt by typing exe.
  • Then type cd \, press enter to go to the root directory. Then type cd pebuilder (version number)\plugin\peinst\ press enter. Write the PEBuilder version of your copy instead of the parentheses.
  • Next, type peinst and press enter. Type 1 in the menu that appears and an option to change the source path will come. Type in C:\\pebuilder (version number)\BartPE.
  • Next, you will type 2 and press enter. Type the name of the drive with a colon. Then type 5 and press enter Then Windows XP will automatically install on your thumb drive
  • And that is all! You just need to install After which, it will be possible for you to run Windows XP on a flash-drive.

With that, we are ending our article on how to start Windows XP from thumb. We hope that with the steps we have outlined and the overall guidelines we have provided, our readers can now effectively execute this themselves!