How to Fix Samsung Smart TV Remote Not Working

The hype of Samsung products in the household consumer electronics is not a new thing and even some of the remotest parts of the earth have experienced this hype. Samsung holds a similar legacy in smart TV screens as it has the repute in android smartphone devices.

But the competition of Samsung in the smart TV industry is not as challenging as it is in the smartphone field and this makes the Samsung manufacturers sole torchbearers of providing smart TV technology into the homes of common masses.

Smart TV

TVs are the most widely used electronic media that is a part and parcel of modern life no matter you are talking about the lower middle tier of society or the elite users TVs are the must-have commodity that everyone has besides them in their homes. The hype of TVs in modern society is not over justified since these display screens so play an important role in shaping our attitude and make a strong contribution to the progress of societies.Learn how to enable bluetooth on samsung smart tv.

With the recent technological advancements, smart TVs have become popular and these electronic devices have combined the goodness of electronic and social media to give the best bang of modern technologies while staying within the budget.  Thousands of users are fond of these smart TVs and don’t want to set for anything less than the absolute best.

Samsung smart TV

The smart TV technology combined with the innovative and crystal clear displays of the top-notch Samsung technologies produced an amalgam that is worth trying at any cost. Therefore, countless users don’t want to have any other smart TV besides the Samsung TV.Learn how to connect cable box to tv without hdmi

Samsung smart TV not only provides the social media utilities as promised by other smart TV screens but the visual clarity and unmatched image quality of the Samsung TV is something that entices audiences and compels them to invest in Samsung TV.

Samsung smart TV controller

As we stated earlier that nearly everyone is accustomed to the goodness and hype of modern smart Samsung TV but this doesn’t contradict the fact there arose some problems with the working of the remote controller of these smart TVs.  Having problems with the remote is s a common thing in households and this is not a very serious matter as the remote issues can be resolved quickly without any technical assistance. All that users have to do is to do some simple troubleshooting steps and have their issues with the smart TV remote fixed.Know why hulu keeps logging me out.

Samsung smart tv remote not working

Although the issues with the remote are not very rare when it comes to Samsung remote controller they can be a headache. This is because a normal tv remote doesn’t need any special set up before they can start with the controller operation but when it comes to the Samsung TV remote you have to pair it with your smart TV screen before initing it for controlling your settings and menus.Learn how to connect cable box to tv without hdmi.

Pairing the TV remote with the smart screen is not a tricky or challenging task and even laymen can do it within seconds. All you have to do is to bring the remote closer to the smart TV   screen and powered it on by pressing the on or off button. Once the remote is powered on and Samsung TV is nearby the Bluetooth signal will detect its way and pairing notifications will be issued asking for making a connection.

Ways to fix Samsung smart TV not working

If after pairing the remote with the smart TV, some problem in the working occurs then users need to troubleshoot the problem and take effective measures to counter it quickly.  Samsung smart tv remote not working could be a problematic thing as no other TV remote can be used for working with the Samsung TV.Learn how to use wii controller on switch.

This will lead to chaos as you won’t be able to change or switch between your favorite channels or perform the desired functions with the remote controller.

If you want your Samsung TV to work normally and quickly resolve the problem then go through the following methods to swiftly troubleshoot your desired Samsung TV remote and get the work done.

Method #1 : Resetting the remote controller

Resetting is the universal troubleshooting step of almost all electronic appliances and the process remains the same whether you talk about any heavy-duty electronic machine or a common consumer gadget. If the problem causing the abnormal working or no work at all is not known then resting is the best option to quickly fix it. Samsung remote not working can be repaired by simply resetting it to resolve any unknown problem.

Method#2 : Disconnecting The Smart TV

If resetting the Samsung smart tv controller has not resolved the problem and issues still exist in switching the channels or performing other operations then you must try other methods such as disconnecting the smart tv from the power and switching it on. After that, the smart tv has been powered off,  let the Smart TV rest in that state for about 30 seconds or a minute, and then power it on again.

Now that you have powered on the smart TV now you have to par it again with the tv to fix the problem that was causing issues with the smart tv working. For pairing the remote controller you need to first remove it from the pairing list and then bring it close to the tv. After that pair the smart tv with the Samsung tv remote controller.

Method#3 : Replacing batteries

If any of the earlier methods have not caused any progress then it might be an issue with the batteries of the remote controller, so, timely change the worn-out batteries to let the smart tv remote work normally.