Snipping Tool Not Working Windows – The Ultimate Fixes for 2021

Who can deny the benefits that snipping tool provides us; it is the most refined and professional way of taking screenshots on Windows.

Basically, the primary use of this tool is taking the screenshot but it has many more features too, like you can crop the screenshot, use the pen tool, highlight any part of the screenshot, use eraser tool, copy your screenshot, you can edit it with 3D paint, and you will get many more options to entertain. You can also save the screenshot for future use.

Well, due to this bunch of benefits, the use of this tool is rapidly spreading but unfortunately this tool creates numerous troubles as well. The biggest problem that users face is it doesn’t open when they try to open it; depsie, several tries. Eventually, it becomes a huge hassle.

Are you also facing this same issue? Perhaps, that’s why you are here! For the quick solution, you can restart your computer and we hope this hack will help your snip tool work with the same efficiency. If still it doesn’t work, no worries, drill down the article and figure out more fixes on the Snipping Tool Not Working error.

Are you ready? Here we go!

What Are The Causes Of Snipping Tool Not Working

Sometimes when you try to launch a snipping tool, they get an error of “Snipping tool not working”. The features of the snipping tools also stop working such as users are unable to take the screenshots. Some users even complain that they get the black screen. When they tap on the save button, neither the screenshot comes nor is it able to save. The issues may arise due to random errors.Some of the main causes are given below.

  • Any third party application may conflict with the snipping tool
  • Damaged Related system files
  • Improper shortcut

Snipping Tool Not Working: Related Problems

People also experience a lot of related problems under the snipping tool, for example, it does not copy, save or edit, etc. The alternative of Microsoft’s Snipping Tool named “Snip & Sketch” also has issues with eraser, sketch, etc. Other related problems are given here so you can also have an eye on them. We also mention some of the solutions to get rid of this snipping tool not working issue.

Snipping Tool Not Working Grey Screen: when a user opens the snipping tools, instead of showing the bright clear window, it shows them a grey screen. Nothing will show on the screen.

Relaunch Snipping Tool Windows 10: Most of the time missing file issues in Windows 10 asks you to relaunch the snipping tool. When you relaunch it, it might be possible that this issue will not happen again.

Snipping Tool Not Saving Windows 10/ Snip And Sketch Not Saving: In this scenario when you take the screenshot, it does not give you the save option.

Snipping Tool Not Copying: As the name shows, snipping tools also do not copy the user required thing.

Snipping Tool Shortcut Not Working(Snip And Sketch Shortcut Not Working): Under this situation, the shortcut of snipping tools is unable to work. Whenever a user presses a specific combination of keys they won’t work and as a result sniping tools also do not open.

Snip And Sketch Not Working: In this case, both snip and sketch won’t work. This issue may arise due to conflicting third-party applications.

Methods To Fix Fix Snipping Tool Not Working Issue

If you tried scanning and rebooting but still the snipping tool does not work, the issue persists. It means there is a serious glitch. N worries we are here with some of the methods. All you need to do is apply them seriously and with care.Learn how to screenshot on windows 7 as we have mentioned a lot of different methods about it in our article.

Try to follow the methods with full attention especially the solution related to the registry. We are going to start with the system file checker.

#1: Go For System File Checker And DISM

System file checker is the windows utility by which you can get to know and fix the system-related files. When an issue comes with a system file, windows utility will correct it. The snipping tools might not work due to some of the missing files. In this method, DISM is also included, as it helps to restore the health of the system.

To run sfc and DISM commands you have to follow the given steps.

  • From the taskbar open the search box and look for Command Prompt.

  • Now click on “Run As Administration”.

  • Here you will get the Command Prompt Screen Will Be, carefully Type “Sfc/Scannow ” and Press Enter. Wait for it to finish.

  • When it is finished Now move to the DISM Commands to Restore the health of the System.
  • The commands which you have to type are mentioned below. Type them correctly One By One and press enter after every command. Wait after pressing enter to let it execute. The commands are:
  1. Dism /Online/Cleanup-Image/CheckHealth.
  2. Dism /Online/Cleanup-Image/ScanHealth
  3. Dism /Online/Cleanup-Image/RestoreHealth

Once you are done with it, type the next Command “Snippingtool.Exe” And press “Enter” again. This will help you to check the Snipping Tool. If it is ready to launch or not.

When launched successfully that means the tool is fine. It might be possible that shortcut keys are corrupted or there is even no shortcut key at all.

#2: Go For Changing The Shortcut Keys Under Properties

Once you tried using the system file checker, now this is time to check the shortcut keys also. As the issue may lie with the shortcut keys. By doing so you can alter the shortcut keys or set new.

To set the shortcut keys follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to the start button, and search the snipping tool. Click on it and select the “Open File Location” Option.

  • Now right click on the snipping tools and click on “Properties”.

  • In the properties box, switch to the shortcut tab and search for “Shortcut Key” Option.

  • Here you will find “None” Written Over There. Simply press the key from the keyboard e.g. Key S. this will set the Shortcut Key there automatically.

  • Once you finish with it click on the apply button. Just in case an Administrative Permission Message is shown. Click on “Continue” and press “OK” to save the changes.

Now press that key which you will set to open the snipping tool. Once it launched, now check whether it is working or not. In case the issue of Snipping tools not working still exists, then go for our next method.

Contact Official Support – An Ultimate Way

If you have tried all of the aforementioned tops but still, your snipping tool not working, you can rush for official support.

You can take the help of Microsoft customer support; we hope they will provide you with many beneficial solutions and with the help of their administrative approach, you will be able to sort out this technical issue easily.

If still, this issue is unfixed, you can visit the office physically and takes all the essential documents along with you. Nevertheless, it is easy because it is a minor problem that can be fixed in one or another way.

Here all the ultimate solutions of Snipping Tool Not Working gets over but we have some worthy tips for you – you can get into them and our suggestion is always to keep them in your mind.

What Is Replacing Snipping Tool?

In case your present snipping tool does not work, go to the new Microsoft snipping tool named “Snip & Sketch”. This tool has a lot of advanced features such as sketching and editing. This is a new snipping tool released in the market by Microsoft. You can also open the snipping tool by pressing the “Shift + Windows logo key + S” keys.

Tips to Avoid This Issue

Instead of letting this pesky issue’s root spread in the ground, you can nip its bud beforehand.

  • Ensure that your system is in a good condition and virus-free because many times virus attacks cause these stubborn issues – you can install anti-virus in your system.
  • To protect yourself from this issue, you can keep updating your system regularly because any kind of glitch can not only affect snipping tools but other programs, too.
  • If the tab of the snipping tool is open for so long but suddenly it doesn’t proceed with the snipping command, you can close this tab and retry the option.

The Bottom Line

There are several reasons that create this pesky issue when the snipping tool doesn’t work, even when you are in so much need. This problem is rolling down nowadays, therefore we have brought it under discussion and provided you with the most reliable solutions.

So, go ahead, crack these fixes, try them when you are facing this Snipping Tool Not Working error. We hope within a few minutes, this tool will run smoothly and hassle-free.