Instantly Fix Spotify No Internet Connection

Wasn’t Spotify a blessing when we were all locked up in our homes without connecting with our friends? There were no hangouts and beautiful evenings as all of us used to sit with our friends listening to each other’s favorite music. People searched for songs in MP3 format and downloaded them from various websites when there were no platforms or services for streaming music online. Not only has this encouraged piracy, but it has also led to users unintentionally downloading malware and adware.

Eventually, the files with higher audio bit rates grew and took up an excessive amount of storage space. Spotify is one of the online music streaming services that provide users with a wide range of options. Being the best online music streaming app, it doesn’t mean the app is prone to problems. Most people have that complain we are talking about today ‘Spotify no internet connection.’ We’ll be discussing some of the easiest troubleshoots to resolve the problem without any expert help.

Spotify No Internet Connection: Reason and Troubleshoot

Some Spotify users who have been affected have attempted to reset the app data and clear and reinstall the cache. Meanwhile, some of them attempted to allow the app with the battery-saving option, but none of the tricks appeared to work.

The most disturbing aspect is that so many premium Spotify subscribers face the same issue, namely paying for something they won’t be able to use for a while. Many users have already reported and rated Spotify as having a low star rating for this issue. However, Spotify’s developers have yet to develop a viable solution to this problem.

Spotify Not Recognizing your DNS

Spotify does not always recognize your internet connection because it does not recognize your DNS. To modify the DNS settings, perform the following steps:

  • Launch your system’s control panel.

  • Select Network and Internet, then Network and Sharing Center.

  • Change adapter settings should be selected.

  • Open the Properties window for your active network adapter.

  • Select Properties after clicking Internet Protocol Version 4.

  • Select Use the DNS server addresses listed below.

Spotify is Blocked

The Windows Firewall may block some applications. You will be unable to connect to the Internet if Spotify is blocked, and you will receive the Spotify Internet connection error. Unblocking Spotify can be challenging, but the following points might help you resolve the issue in no time.

  • Navigate to the control panel.

  • Navigate to System and Security, and then to Windows Firewall.

  • Choose “Allow app or feature.”

  • Then look for the Spotify app and tick the box.

  • Click OK and check to see if it works.

Antivirus Software is the culprit.

Sometimes your Spotify internet connection problem occurs because the antivirus program on Windows has blocked it.

  • Launch the antivirus software that was previously installed on the system.
  • Locate the option that allows you to close the software.
  • Then, open your Spotify music player and see if Spotify internet connection error four has been resolved. If you cannot resolve the problem properly, try a different method.

Bug in the App

If you restart the app or login again, you will resolve the problem. In nearly 80% of cases, the cause is simply a bug in the app. To re-sign in to Spotify, follow these steps:

  • Select your account name from the drop-down menu (in the upper right corner).

  • Select Settings.

  • Choose Log Out.

  • Log in with your account information once more.

If you are still trapped around the problem, you can try other steps associated with the issue.

Offline Cache trash trapped.

It may resolve the issue by clearing the device’s local cache files. To clear your Spotify cache, follow these steps:

  • Select your account name from the drop-down menu (in the upper right corner).

  • Select Settings.

  • Scroll to the bottom and select Show advanced settings.

  • Scroll through the list until you reach the offline song storage.

  • In your file explorer, navigate to the location.
  • You can select everything in the folder by pressing Ctrl + A / Command + A and then Delete / Delete.
  • Confirm the deletion of everything.


Spotify and internet connection go hand in hand always when it comes to endless joy by laying down with your buddies on your couch. Spotify is the best platform online for grabbing peace by listening to your favorite songs along with your friends. Right? But besides all the goods, it doesn’t approve 100% companionship; a Spotify user can still have problems. We hope we’ve nicely explained all the methods associated with the problem ‘Spotify no internet connection.’ You can simply apply all the methods step-wise if the first one isn’t working in your case.