Fix If Spotify Web Player Not Working

Spotify Web Player ought to be one of the most appreciated sites in the world, allowing the users to access the Spotify cosmos of the music without even requiring to download anything to the computer. It is sort of brilliant, but also very flawed, with many individuals reporting that it is not working correctly or at all on different browsers. It directed us to scribble up a guide that’ll take you through all the most common solutions that can resolve the Spotify web player not working issue.

How Can You Resolve The Spotify Web Player Not Working Issue?

Since the Spotify web player is mostly utilized on browsers for you to listen to the music online, it’s possible that your browser issues will reason it not to function properly. For being specific, your corrupted browser history or cache is one of the culprits of this error. Additionally, there’s also a high chance that the Spotify web player on the PC runs into issues. Based on such causes, you might as well try solutions mentioned below for fixing this issue on Windows 8, 10, and 7, etc.

Solution#1: Allowing The Protected Content On Your Browser

In a few cases, your protected content will be disabled on a few sites. That’s why at times, Spotify web player doesn’t function on Chrome. So the users would better attempt to permit the websites for playing the protected content to check if it’ll resolve this Spotify problem on Windows 10. Here, you’d better change the protected content on the browser.

  • If you are making use of the Mozilla Firefox, then simply navigatehe Spotify Web Player website > click on the shield icon from the left of your URL bar > click on the Turn off Blocking for this site option.
  • If you are making use of the Chrome browser, then simply navigate to chrome://settings/content > scroll down to the Protected content > enable Allow the site to play the protected content.

Solution#2: Checking The Network Connection

As usual, we begin with the most obvious but, at times, ignored option, checking the network connection. If the Spotify music abruptly cut off or if you hit the play, but nothing comes about, it is most likely the internet. Here’s what you can carry out on a Windows computer.

  • First, try to open other sites. If they seem slow, then simply check the Internet speed.
  • If nothing opens, then navigate to the system icons. They ought to be located in the bottom corner of the taskbar.


  • After that, simply right click on the LAN or Wi-Fi icon (relying on what you’re utilizing) > choose Troubleshoot problems.


If you’re utilizing the Wi-Fi, a common issue the troubleshooter can fix is the default gateway not being accessible. However, if you get this message that your DNS server isn’t accessible, it is time to reboot the modem. If that does not do anything, the best choice you have is calling the ISP.

Solution#3: The PC’s Firewall

If you can really access all other sites except the Spotify, then it’s possible that the windows firewall is blocking the access. The Windows firewall stops unauthorized access from or to the private network. For that, you’ll have to switch off the firewall. For turning it off:

  • First of all, search the start menu to go to the Control Panel.

  • Then, click System & Security > Windows Defender Firewall.

  • Now, choose Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off option from the side menu.

  • Toggle off your firewall for the needed network.

Now, reboot the computer for saving the changes, and you’ll be capable of resolving this Spotify web player not working issue.

Solution#4: Clearing The Cache & Flushing The DNS

If the Spotify Web Player is opening and seems to function fine apart from the fact that it is not playing your music, you ought to attempt to flush your DNS cache on the system. It’ll refresh the DNS cache of your computer, which ought to make certain that next time you sign in to Spotify Web Player, the domain name of it can get correctly registered.



Solution#5: Switching Off The Ad Blockers Or White-List The Spotify

Believe it or not, even if you’ve the Spotify Premium, the ad-blockers can hinder with your Spotify player. You can switch them off through your add-ons menu of the browser or the toolbar. However, if you’re utilizing the uBlock Origin (which we suggest over other advertisement blockers), you can simply white-list the entire domains.

  • For doing this, click uBlock Origin from the toolbar > launch the dashboard by simply clicking on the 4th icon from the right under the big disable/enable button.
  • Navigate to the White-list section > click the list of sites > begin typing.
  • When you have entered the address of Spotify > simply click on Apply changes.
  • You ought to then close all the windows and reboot the browser. The Spotify web player ought to be as good as new now!

Solution#6: The Web Browser Is Out-Of-Date

Note: It’s advised to save all the significant tabs before you update the Chrome web browser.

  • First, launch the Google Chrome by searching for it utilizing the search bar or by simply clicking the chrome icon accessible at the desktop or at the taskbar.


  • Click three dots icon accessible at the top corner.


  • Then, from the menu that opens, click Help.

  • Click About Google Chrome under Help.


  • If there’re any updates accessible, Chrome will automatically begin updating.

  • Once all these Updates are downloaded, you have to click Relaunch for finishing the updating Chrome process.

  • After clicking on Relaunch, the Chrome browser will close automatically and will install all these updates.

Aside from such tricks, you can also simply download your music to the PC and play it on the local player if you’re a user of Spotify Premium. On the other hand, for the free account, you can simply download and make use of the Spotify music converter, such as NoteBurner or Sidify. Such converters permit the users to download the desired songs in the preferred format by simply dragging & dropping the music or copy-pasting the link of the song directly and choosing the output format. Note that the trial versions permit the users to download only the first 3 minutes of the music file. The users can now listen to the much-loved songs on the Spotify player hassle-free. So keep listening!