Quickly Fix Sprint Error 104

Are you wondering what is wrong with that one person who claims that they surely did drop a text message to you and you are just unable to receive it? On the other hand, you are that person who is trying to explain how you sent a message but it did not go through?

You are not BLOCKED! Relax, you both are not on the wrong, this time it is the system to blame and you need to fix this issue before overthinking about the other person.

Many android users have faced this problem. It goes like that, their phone is working just fine, they are able to chat with all other contacts, but the issue arises when they try to contact this person.

The sprint error 104 issue cab described as when a message from one user’s end is sent to the other one it will not be delivered, instead, a sprint error 104 pops up on their screen instead. It has been observed by many users that, when they try to contact them on group chats they can surely see the message and can respond to it, but in personal chat, the same sprint error 104 arises.

Don’t worry, we have some quick fixes for the issue at hand for all android users and you need to find which one works best for you in the situation.

First, let me explain what exactly sprint error 104 is.

What Is a Sprint Error 104?

To put it simply, when one android user cannot send a text message to particularly one person and a message appears on their screen stating, “Sprint error 104”, “try again”, or “this message cannot be delivered”. This is an error that you needs to be taken care of manually; it will not hush away on its own.

Now the question is,

Why a Sprint Error 104 Happen?

A few issues in your device hardware are the main reason for a sprint error 104.

  • The very first one is that your device somehow connected to a sprint network –sprint network is now obsolete and it was replaced by T-Mobile – however, all devices are now supported with GSM.
  • Secondly, due to your smartphone’s factory settings, you are unable to use your cellular network.

According to the issues reported by some users, it has been observed that the main cause of sprint error 104 lies in your device hardware and not software.

We will list a few fixes or solutions to this issue below, you can follow these steps to get rid of a sprint error 104 on your device.


  1. Power-on & Power-off your device

The very first step we have here on the list is power off and on. This method helps with non-permanent issues. This is a quick solution and works for most people. So try starting with this simple step. All you need to do is:

  • Hold your phone’s power button, you will find one single button – mostly on the right side – opposite to the volume buttons side.

  • Normally it works by holding it for a few seconds
  • After holding it for 3 to 10 seconds your smartphone’s screen will give you three options

  • Emergency Mode, restart, and Power off
  • You need to choose the power off option

  • Please wait for at least a minute before turning it on
  • Turn your phone on again either by holding the same button or the way you use usually to turn your phone on
  • Try sending the text message again and see if the sprint error is gone

This method is very effective for quick resolution of the problem and the chances of its success are higher in most cases.

  1. Block & Unblock the contact

There is a high chance that you have mistakenly blocked your contact and it happens if your phone gives you options creating different lists; whitelist, blacklist, and so on. So:

  • Go to the settings of your phone

  • Find blacklist or people you have blocked list

  • Check if you blocked the number.
  • If it is blocked, you can try unblocking them, wait for a few sec and shoot your message once again
  • In case, if the number is not blocked, use a little trick. Block the number again, turn your phone off again using the first step above mentioned.
  • Now, turn back your phone on, unblock the contact again and check if you can send a message now.

This method helps to remove temporary bugs. Most people get successful after trying this trick. This will help if there is a glitch in the phone or a bug. If it did not work out for you, we have still more options for you. Keep reading.

Device’s Wi-Fi switching Off & On

You need to understand that we use RCS devices and no matter how odd it sounds, sometimes while texting someone, these devices can switch the method of texting and try to deliver it by using the internet thus, causing the sprint error. You need to follow these steps:

  • Tap on your phone settings

  • Turn off your Wi-Fi and wait for a minute.

  • Once, the cellular network signals are shown again
  • Once signals are fully shown on the screen of your device try to send the text to the same person
  • Now, you can check if the text is delivered
  • Once done, you can switch back your Wi-Fi again

This method helps to rule out the possibility of RCS devices creating a sprint error 104 on their own. We hope that this method resolves the issue quickly, if it works out for you this time, you can remember this method for future reference too.

Try changing the contact ‘type’ on your phone

There is a very high possibility of you choosing the wrong type while saving the contact. Our devices are not AI and they can get confused with contact type if you have added in the list of, for example, Fax. Always include the right details in the contact saving list, it may affect you later on if not done properly. Now try these steps to get the issue sorted:

  • Go to your phone’s contact list

  • Find your specific contact saved in the phone
  • Click on your contact’s name with which you are having sprint issue
  • With the help of the editing option, you can edit
  • Now go to the down arrow option, you will find it where you have written the number.
  • When you click on that option, you will get a few options; Mobile, work, Home, Main, Work Fax, Home Fax, Pager, Other, Custom.

  • Most of the phones will have these options available and among these, you need to choose ‘Mobile’.

  • Once done, save the changes. Go back and repeat the very first step of this list; turn off your phone and wait a bit.
  • Try sending the message to the same person once again.

This step work for those who have mistakenly chosen the wrong contact type and since getting sprint error while texting. If this solution did not work for you, let us move on to the next.

Delete the contact

Wait, not permanently deleted of course!

There are times when unconsciously we save one number two times. You need to confirm if the number is saved one time and try chatting with the contact with the number only without saving it in the phone.

  • Open your messages app on the phone

  • Click on a plus sign and start afresh chat

  • Now type the number and your text too in it

  • Do not add the contact even if your phone suggests doing so.
  • If you are having trouble with texting and your phone is automatically adding the saved contact, please save the number somewhere else and delete it from your phone.
  • Now try sending the message and check if it was sent this time.

This quick solution works well for many users. Once the message is sent you can save your contact again and this time, make sure, it is saved only one time. If it is still showing the error, let’s get to the next step.

SMS Option

The most neglected one here, but it surely can resolve the annoying sprint error 104 for you. In the world of texting on different social media apps, we actually forget that we have an option in our phones known as SMS & MMS. This option should be enabled on our phones in order to send normal texts. Kindly check if it is enabled for the particular contact you are unable to send a text.

  • Open your messaging apps
  • Find that problematic contact chat and open it
  • Now click on the 2 or 3 three dots option available on the top right corner of the chat.
  • From the list of the option mentioned please choose ‘details’
  • Now search for the option ‘ only send SMS & MMS messages’

  • Turn it on by using the toggle button

  • Now you are all good to send the text to the contact and check if the issue got resolved.

This helps to resolve the sprint error 104 and you can turn it on and off for each contact. If still there is no luck, be patient with us. There are still so many options available.

Try turning Off RCS

Rich Communication Settings (RCS) is the advanced messaging technique that enables us to send videos, audios, pictures, links, and much more in chats. Almost all smartphones today are RCS enabled and sprint techniques have been obsolete. You can try turning off the RCS while sending a text via your messaging app on your phone. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Open your phone’s messages and go to settings
  • You can do these tuning in chat settings
  • There you will find RCS settings, toggle them to off

  • Now, you need to choose simple ‘Text’ or ‘Multimedia Messages’
  • Now, go back to your normal messages and check if it worked by sending the message to that particular contact.

This will help you resolve the sprint error 104 issues in the app. If it worked then it is great but in case it did not we still have more options.

Try clearing the cache and Data

This method is majorly used to clear bugs, errors, and issues easily and quickly on different devices. Clearing the cache can resolve the issue if it was corrupted by any means.  You can clear the cache and simply force stop your app because there is no way that you can uninstall and reinstall a built-in app. Now, you need to force stop it. Here is how to do so:

  • Go to your phone settings

  • There you will find the option of Apps or with the name of Application Manager on some devices.

  • Then click on your ‘Messages’, ‘Android Messages’, or ‘Messaging ‘option.
  • The very first option you will find there is ‘storage’
  • Click on storage and you will find your next option of ‘Clear Cache’


  • Once done, get back to your messages settings tab
  • You will get two options there; uninstall and force stop.
  • Click on the force stop option
  • Once done, you can go back to your messages app and check if the sprint error 104 disappeared?

If you are good now it’s an accomplishment but if not go back to your messages settings:

  • Go to your phone settings

  • There you will find the option of Apps or with the name of Application Manager on some devices.

  • Then click on your ‘Messages’, ‘Android Messages’, or ‘Messaging ‘option.
  • The very first option you will find there is ‘storage’

  • Now again clear the cache one more time following by the clear data option.

  • Now, again choose the option of Force Stop

  • For better results, restart your device by following step one in this article.

  • Turn your device back on and check if the error still exists.

We hope that this technique will surely help you solve the error, if not we still have hope for you.

Plan to reboot Network

Rebooting is an old yet competitive way to resolve these errors. It will not delete your data. To perform the rebooting:

  • Go to your phone settings

  • Look for an advanced setting or system settings option.
  • When you click on Advanced settings you will find an option ‘ Backup and Reset’
  • Click on this option, you will find a new option named ‘ Reset Network Settings
  • Click on this option, it will give you a window of confirmation.
  • Again click on the option ‘Reset Settings’ to confirm
  • Now, again follow the very first step and turn on and off your device.
  • Once done please relaunch your messages and check if the error is gone for good now.

Your data will not get affected by rebooting the device. This will enhance the phone performance and help you get rid of the annoying sprint error 104

Try Uninstalling Updates

Updates are meant to enhance the performance of your device as well as the apps you use on it. Some devices or applications update themselves automatically and some require permission. In the very first case, if you do allow updates to be on their own, there is a higher possibility of bugs and malfunction in the new update.

However, in the second case, if you do not update them you will most definitely suffer from different errors with time.

To resolve the issue here we are going to uninstall the updates and see if it works out for you.

  • Press settings on your phone

  • Straight go to Applications option in settings
  • Once you have found out, click on Messaging option once again
  • Now, you need to tap on the ‘More’ option available there
  • Now, you need to uninstall your app.
  • Click on uninstall option, to begin with, the cleaning process
  • Now, you need to perform step one of this document once again.
  • After turning on your phone once again, check if the sprint error is still there

The above-mentioned step will clear the issue, which was stuck in your app. By this time and after trying all the methods we really hope you have found your solution to the error but if not, you will be left with this last option.


You need to keep in mind that it will delete all data from your phone so keep your important things saved somewhere else.

  • Open your device settings

  • Go to your device Backup or Reboot settings

  • Click on the factory reboot option

  • Confirm the option to allow the reboot process

  • Fingers crossed now

This last method will help you get rid of the problem completely and for good. It does not matter if the problem was in your device or app. Your phone will as good as new.