Quickly Fix Surface Pro Touch Screen Is Not Working!

Surface pro is created and marketed by the Microsoft Company. It’s a two-in-one detachable system with a keyboard and a touchscreen. It’s an excellent product with ease of access to its major aim. However, a lot of users stated that their touchscreen did not work as anticipated. At times while in operation, your touch screen would stop working all of a sudden, reasoning the immense trouble. The Surface Pro Touch Screen Not Working issue may be because of a lot of causes like the lack of newest Windows update, incorrect calibration or outdated drivers, etc. We’ve provided a lot of fixes for you to try out. Have a look.

Methods To Resolve The Surface Pro Touch Screen Not Working Issue:

Let’s begin with the most basic troubleshooting method first. A temporary inconsistency can give rise to this problem; try rebooting the computer and resolve this.

Method#1: Do A 2-Button Shutdown

A 2-button shutdown might resolve this problem for you. Give it a shot by simply following these steps:

  • First of all, hit and hold the Power Button of the Surface Book for some secs (around thirty seconds)
  • Then, hit the power button and the Volume up key together for about fifteen seconds.
  • After that, leave your device unused at least ten odd minutes.
  • Then, start your device once again.

Is your touchscreen has started functioning? Well, it’s just a workaround for resolving the problem temporarily. If this error appears again, try the other methods we have.

Have you been overlooking the regular update of the Windows OS? Or, have you just installed the particular Windows Update and after that encountering the error? If one of such two is the case, then we’ve a diverse explanation for you. There can be a bug in the OS you have installed because of which the touch screen is not working properly on your Surface Pro issue is appearing. Microsoft provides regular updates for solving this kind of bug and provides you with a better experience while utilizing Windows. Check for the Windows updates > update the operating system accordingly.You can easily do xbox one headphone jack repair after following our guide if it is not working.

Method#2: Check For The System Updates

If you have not checked the Windows for available updates, you ought to check instantaneously. Every update consists of more support for the hardware parts, fixes for bug, and even new functionalities. It can be probable that the error you’re experiencing is already addressed in an update.

  • Click on Start > enter Settings in the dialogue box > click on the app that returns in your search results > click Update & security.
  • Here, you’ll find Check for updates in your Windows Update section. Now the windows will check for the accessible updates > install them after simply downloading.

Method#3: Uninstalling Problem Causing Windows Update

Follow these steps and uninstall any new Windows Update if you’re encountering the issue just after the update:

  • First, hit Windows + I buttons from the keyboard.
  • Then, click the Update and Security section there.
  • Now, under the Update and Security window, simply click View installed update history.
  • Then, find the Uninstall updates below the updates list.
  • Double click recent update that you think is reasoning this error.
  • Finally, reboot the computer once again > check whether it fixes the problem.

If the issue does not get resolved, then there may be a problem with the Surface Pro display driver. Try updating your driver to resolve the error.

Surface Pro Touch Screen Is Not Working

Method#4: Update The Touch Screen Driver

The issue may also be present because of the corrupt or outdated touch drivers on the PC. We can attempt to manually update the drivers on the PC and check if the error still persists. Do note that the users can always attempt to automatically update the drivers before trying to update them manually, as explained here. Just choose the first options instead of the 2nd one in step number three for automatically updating them.Quickly solve surface pro overheating issue with the help of our guide if you are facing it.

  • Hit the Win + R keys for launching the Run > enter devmgmt.msc in the dialogue box > press Enter. It’ll launch the PC’s device manager.
  • Go through all your hardware > right-click on your device > choose Update driver.
  • The Windows will then pop a new dialogue box asking you which way do you desire to update the driver. Choose the 2nd option (Browse the PC for driver software) > move on.
  • Choose the driver file you downloaded utilizing the browse button when it emerges and accordingly updates it.
  • Reboot the PC after the update > check if the issue gets fixed.

Method#5: Calibrating Your Touch Screen

Calibrating the Surface Pro touch screen is another fix you have to try. Follow these steps mentioned here:

  • First of all, hit Windows + S buttons from the keyboard.
  • Enter Calibrate in the search box.
  • Then, choose Calibrate the screen for touch or pen input from the list of search results.
  • Now, select Reset > hit Enter for resetting the Surface touch calibration into the factory settings.
  • Lastly, reboot your device, and the Surface Pro Touch Screen Not Working error must get fixed.

Method#6: Reset Your Device

If all the above solutions do not work, we can attempt to reset your device. You’ll always have the option of whether to keep the folders and files when doing the reset. In any case, you ought to always backup your data saved on the PC before proceeding with the solution.

  • Hit the Windows + S keys > enter Reset > open the app.
  • Click Get started present under the Reset this PC heading for the procedure to start.
  • The Windows will ask whether you desire to keep the files or delete everything. The choice relies on you. If you’ve recently bought the PC and there are not a lot of files, you can simply back them up > choose Remove everything. Otherwise, you can choose the first option.