Fix Tcl Roku TV Black Screen

Nowadays there are so many potential Smart TV options that you can choose from! One such exceptional option comes in the form of TCL’s Roku TV! The best part about purchasing this option is that you will get to work with a user-friendly TV, has smart features, and is made to provide you with all your favorite forms of entertainment!

One of the most striking things about this Roku TV is that its home screen is so simple, even your kids could work it with ease! Older users might want to make use of the remote and the one that comes with this device is super easy to utilize. Its software updates are also automatic so you have nothing to worry about!

There is no doubt that Roku TV is a smart TV that will work by connecting to your cable box, connecting to the internet to provide access to 500000 movies and TV shows via streaming or with the use of an HDTV antenna. While this is an excellent TV to purchase, it also tends to have a recurring issue!

However, a lot of users have complained of one issue; their Roku TV sometimes turns into a black screen. So, today we will be looking over a helpful guide for what to do for your Roku TV if you see a blank screen instead of your favorite shows!

Let’s discuss what to do when TCL Roku TV has a black screen.

What to Do When Your Tcl Roku TV Has a Black Screen!

  1. The first method is to make sure that the status LED that will be on the front of your TCL Roku TV is turned on.  This should be blinking or off when the TV is on.

Heres what you need to check:

  • Simply turn your TCL remote towards your TCL Roku. You can then click on any button on the remote.

  • The LED will ideally blink each time you press and if it does, you can proceed to the next step. However, if it doesn’t blink at all, then your TV might be off and that might be why the screen is black.

  1. The next solution is one that you should take only if all other solutions have been exhausted and you don’t have a way to stop the black screen from appearing! A factory reset for the TCL Roku will most likely fix your issue but it will also clear your TV’s cache in a way.

Here’s How to Factory Reset Your Roku TV:

  • First go to the Settings, click on System.

  • Then press the advanced system settings option and it will lead you to the Factory reset. Make sure you read the disclaimer before you rest your TV.

  • You will be given a code on the screen that appears, if you want to do a full factory reset just enter it and select OK.
  1. If all else fails, you can always contact the TCL Support services meant for their Roku TV. This is a step you should take if even the factory reset has not solved the issue of your Roku TV displaying a black screen. They will guide you on how to proceed!

We have finally reached the end of our review on how to fix a TCL Roku TV black screen issue. Hopefully, all the steps and guidelines we have listed above will be enough to fix your issue of a black screen appearing!