This Program Is Blocked by Group Policy Windows 10, 7, 8

The group policy feature is a windows utility tool which helps the network administrators to deploy users, manage security and network policies of the computer connected to a network. In most of the cases users will face an error “this program is blocked by group policy” and this program blocked by group policy is caused when the user enables the software restriction policy and forgets about this feature being enabled. Or any other software enables the software restriction policy. The application or program cannot be opened error can be caused by a third-party program that is configured to block the applications from running.

What causes the error this program is blocked by group policy?

There could be many reasons behind the error of this program is blocked by group policy. The main reasons behind the problem that the users have reported are software restrictions, bugs in some software or sometimes third-party security program are the reason behind the blocked by group policy error.

Software restriction Policy

Users often enable the software restriction policy on purpose to enhance the user experience. Microsoft has included this group policy feature to make the user experience better and so that their system crashes are minimum. Sometimes the user enables the group policy then forgets which start causing such issues when the user tries to run any program or any application.

Bugs in a software

It is obvious that the user is not always responsible for everything, sometimes it is the software too. If a pc or computer has software installed which has bugs or has any corrupt files this might trigger this program is blocked by group policy error too. Don’t worry if you are facing this issue, we have plenty of solutions to fix your issue.

Third party software causing issues

In most of the cases users have reported that third party software are behind the “this program is blocked by group policy” error. Programs such as an antivirus or an antimalware. They are programmed to help stop the viruses and malware attacks on our computer, along with stopping installation of any unwanted programs too. They are useful programs as they prevent a user from getting hacked too. We are not against the antiviruses or anti malwares but some of their settings are aggressive and may annoy you when you are working on your day-to-day tasks.

Solutions to fixing the error this program is blocked by group policy

Since we have discussed a few common reasons behind the error of group policy. Now we will move ahead and discuss the probable solutions to the problems. Here are a few methods to help you solve the blocked by group policy.

Method#1: Starting with a clean boot:

Running your computer with a clean boot helps to speed up and boost up your pc. It will save a lot of time and solve the blocked by group policy error. Usually, a clean boot helps to remove most of the issues that are affecting your computer. Usually, third party software take a lot of time when you are booting your computer which may cause problems. The best way we suggest is to perform a clean boot to get rid of most of your issues including the error of group policy. To perform a clean boot, you need to follow these instructions:

  • Open the run dialogue box using the combination of Windows + R

  • When the dialogue box opens type “msconfig” and press the ok button

  • When the msconfig opens go to the selective startup option and uncheck the load startup items option

  • Switch the tab to the services tab

  • In the services tab check on the hide all Microsoft services and click on the disable all.

  • Now open your task manager and switch to the startup tab

  • In the startup tab disable all the third-party software that run when the system boots up

  • Click on apply and then restart your computer

This will fix most of the blocked by group policy errors and speed up the booting up time of the pc too. If you still facing the blocked by group policy error and this method did not help you, there are plenty others which may help you fix the blocked by group policy

Method#2: Scanning the device using a bootable software to fix blocked by group policy

Another method is to use a bootable device to run a virus or malware scan on your computer. You can download different applications that can help to remove any virus or malware that is affecting your computer and giving you the blocked by group policy error. This might come handy when you are trying to solve your blocked by group policy.

Method#3: disabling the software restrictions using a .bat file

This method comes handy if your software or program is blocked by the group policy. You need to follow these steps to disable the software restrictions:

  • Go to your desktop
  • Right click on your desktop, scroll down to the new option and then select a text document

  • Now open the text document and type these lines “REG ADD HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Safer\CodeIdentifiers\ /v DefaultLevel /t REG_DWORD /d 0x00040000 /f” You can copy paste these lines as it is in the notepad.

  • Save the document with whatever name you want but make sure the file extension is kept as .bat or this whole method will be of no use.

  • Once you have saved the file using the .bat extension, now right click on the file and run as administrator

  • The file will run for a couple of minutes and will execute the necessary commands

Now after the command prompt window closes, you need to reboot your pc. This will fix the blocked by group policy and your pc will be free of the problem. Now if you are still facing the error try this other method.

Method#4: Remove group policies using the Reg editor

Another way to solve your group policy problem is by using the registry editor too. This tool can help your disable the software restriction policy. You can follow these steps:

  • Using the Windows key + R key combination open the run dialogue box

  • Type “regedit” in the dialogue box and press enter

  • This will open the registry editor for you

  • Now while in the registry editor, go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and now open the software folder

  • In the software folder look for the policies folder and the open the policies folder

  • Now open the Microsoft folder, right click and press on the delete button

  • This will delete the Microsoft policies

  • Now after that navigate to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER and find the software folder here

  • Open the Microsoft folder and then open the current version folder

  • In the current version folder delete the group policy folder by right clicking on the folder

Now restart your computer and try running the application to see if the problem exists or not. Hopefully this would’ve solved your problem and your application would be up and running if not are you are still facing the group policy error then you need to try the other method.

Method#5: Create a new user profile

Bugs and malware may cause certain programs to give you the group policy error. In such situations creating a new user profile will save you from many corrupted files and lost documents. All you need to do is create a new user on your pc. Log in using that new user and then copy all the files you need from the other user and paste them in a safe location. After saving the files, delete the old user but before you delete that give admin privileges to the new user as you won’t be able to delete it if you do not have the admin privileges. Now once you have deleted the old user, now you can run the application which was giving you the group policy error.


There are a number of methods which can help you solve your group policy error. You can try all of the above-mentioned solutions and see which fits your need the most.