How to Fix Tor Unexpectedly Exited Windows 10, 7, 8

Tor browser is known to offer the best anonymous web browsing that a user can get today. The developers and researchers behind Tor are working hard to keep it the safest browser in the market. Updating and bringing out new feature to the Tor browser. 

What is Tor?

Tor is a web browser which helps its users to remain anonymous. It makes your web traffic anonymous which helps to protect your identity on the world wide web. It has a closed network. If you want to investigate your competitor, or researching about a competitor during a legal battle or are just fed up from your government or ISP spying on you. Tor is the best browser for you.

However, Using Tor is illegal in authoritarian regimes, and most of the web services block tor users. Tor is a safe heaven for journalists and dissidents all over the world. To help them the developers and researchers at tor are trying hard to keep improving the anonymity services of Tor. 

How to download tor?

Tor is easy to download, you can download tor on any of the operating systems such as Linux, Mac and Windows, it is now even available for mobile. It has a closed network. For android the name for Tor is OrBot or OrFox, and for iOS it can be found as OnionBrowser from their respected app stores. 

Tor Unexpectedly Exited error

After downloading tor and using it on your computer you might have face the issue of Tor unexpectedly exited. If you have not till yet consider your self lucky. But be prepared as almost every user has witnessed this issue. Not to be afraid the issue Tor unexpectedly exited is resolvable as It has a closed network. This error occurs when you are using the browser and it crashes over and over again. Here are a few fixes one can use to make sure tor unexpectedly does not exit.Facing there is not enough memory to complete this operation error ? check this error available solutions.

Method#1: Run compatibility troubleshooter 

This is the first method and a fairly simple one to use if you are facing the tor unexpectedly exited issue

  • To fix this issue you need to right click on the Tor browser
  • After right clicking on the tor browser, from the drop-down menu click on properties 

  • After selecting the properties option, look for the Windows Click Compatibility tab 

  • In the Windows click compatibility tab, click on the run compatibility troubleshooter.

  • The troubleshooter will run for a while detect the issue and fix them for you

If your Tor browser is still exited. Try these other methods to fix the issue of tor exited.

Method #2: Redownload a fresh installation package

The next thing you can do to make sure you do not face the issue Is to redownload a fresh installation package of Tor. You can easily download the Tor browser from their website on any of the operating systems. It has a closed network. Whether you are using a Mac, Windows or Linux, Tor is available for all of the operating systems.

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  • Download a fresh installation package from the website 

  • Run the setup of the Tor Browser 

  • Follow the instructions on the screen to install the Tor 

  • Once installed run the tor file

Make sure you have closed and uninstall the previous version and delete the registry files as well before reinstalling a newer version or re installing a fresh package of tor to get rid of the issue.

Method #3: Get a new IP address in Tor  

The other method to fix the issue of tor unexpectedly exited is to obtain a new IP address in tor. This will help you get a new IP link and your tor browser will start working again. You can follow these steps to get a new IP address:

  • Open the Tor browser and then open the Tor IP address checker link 
  • After opening the Tor IP address checker link, then Issue signal newnym through Arm
  • After issuing the single, reopen the Tor IP address checker link in Tor and check if you got the new IP address  

Sometimes, you might get the same address due to the fact that the browser did not close the checker in the first place. If you get the same address follow these steps: 

  • Open the Tor browser and then open the Tor IP address checker link 
  • After opening the Tor IP address checker link, then Issue signal newnym through Arm
  • Now closed Tor Browser and restart your computer 
  • Open the tor browser which you closed after restarting your computer 
  • Now reopen the Tor IP address checker link in Tor and check by now, you should now have displayed a new Tor address.


Since Tor is still a developing browser facing such issue is normal, by now you must be able to fix the small issue of Tor unexpectedly exiting.