Steps to Resolve Netflix Error ‘tvq-details-menu-100′

If the error ‘tvq-details-menu-100′ has popped up on your screen and is blocking you from streaming your favorite shows, then you might be facing a connectivity problem. We have compiled 3 methods that you can try in order to fix this troubleshooting error.

Different Methods To Resolve tvq-details-menu-100 error

Method 1: Reboot your Network Devices

When you see the ‘tvq-details-menu-100′, its often because your device can’t connect to the Network devices properly. The Netflix Error Code 100 itself indicates that your device needs a restart to get Netflix service.

So, the first method is to reboot the device you’re using to stream Netflix. Follow the below-mentioned steps to improve your signal strength and connectivity.

Step 2: Reboot your Home Network

A pre-tip is to update your Netflix app as there is a possibility that your device has not auto-installed any recent update. After the update (If any) has been installed, you can relaunch the Netflix app. But if you have already updated the app and the tvq-details-menu-100 error is still there, you can restart your home network.

  • Check that your router is plugged-in the power outlet correctly.
  • Ensure that all the devices connected to the router are turned off and unplugged.
  • Wait for 30 seconds before you switch-off and unplug your router/modem.
  • Re-plug the router in the socket. Wait for about 2 minutes and turn on the router
  • If your router’s panel lights have turned green, you have successfully restarted your network device.

Step 3: Use an Ethernet Cable

If rebooting the network device doesn’t work and the error retains, directly connect your devices (via Ethernet Cable) to the router and change the settings back to default.

  • Unplug your devices from power safely.
  • Unplug, wait for 20 seconds, then re-plug your router in the power outlet.
  • Turn on the router and when the green panel lights are visible, connect an ethernet cable to your device (Smart Tv/ Laptop).
  • Plug-in and turn on your smart device.
  • Reconnect to Netflix.

Reinstall the Netflix App

If the first method has not resolved the error tvq-details-menu-100 error, try to remove and reinstall Netflix App on your device. This may seem simple, but reinstalling and signing in the app can fix many errors. All you need is to follow these steps:

Step 4: Reinstall app

  • Go to your device Home Screen, find the App and uninstall it
  • If you are an iOS user, go to the Apple App store, otherwise android users can open Google Play store
  • Locate the My apps section or you can simply search for Netflix
  • Tap on the Netflix icon in the search results
  • Tap the install button to begin the process of installing
  • Now, the app should be back to the Home Screen

Step 5: Sign in and Clear Cache

  • After reinstalling the app, you will be redirected to the sign in page

  • Enter your profile details and sign in to Netflix
  • If you’re using Amazon Fire TV, go to ‘Settings’ on the home page
  • In the ‘Applications’ icon, find ‘Manage Installed Applications’

  • Scroll and find Netflix, clear both the data and cache setting for Netflix

  • Now sign back in to check if the issue is still there

Troubleshooting and errors are getting complexed and recurring as we advance in technology. With every new application, we encounter unique challenges that often interrupt the streaming experience of the users. Therefore, to ensure that you streaming is seamless, you need to check up on system updates regularly. Clearing Cache and removing unwanted files is a way to keep your device running smoothly.

Method 6: Factory Reset your Smart Device

Don’t lose hope if the above-mentioned methods have not fixed the tvq-details-menu-100 error. You can always undergo Factory Reset of your device. Not only will it help to resolve Netflix Error, it will make your device function efficiently!

  • Locate the ‘Menu’ button in your Smart TV remote
  • Scroll to find the ‘Support’ option

  • After clicking the ‘Support’ icon, click on the ‘Self-Diagnosis’ option

  • You should see the ‘Reset’ option in the bottom of the list. Click on it and wait for the process to end

After the process has ended, you should be able to follow ‘Method 2’ to reinstall and sign in to all the apps, including Netflix. Although the factory reset method would erase all your files, programs and data that were previously installed on your device. However, you can choose certain ‘Settings’ after the factory reset that is likely to bring back the data that is synced in with your email address. To recover the Synced data, go to ‘Settings’, locate the ‘Backup and Restore’ section. Then navigate the ‘Restore’ option that will take you a files list. Choose the file that contains the sync and backup data, and click to restore it on the device.


Going along these methods has worked effectively for most people. According to the analysis done on Netflix Error ‘tvq-details-menu-100’, you can resolve this connectivity error either by rebooting your device or restarting your network router. Alternatively, you can choose to reinstall and sign in the Netflix app to clear cache data. Besides these, there is always an option to Factory Reset your device. Even after we have tried all methods, you never know when a new error pops up. Therefore keeping your device updated and maintenance check with your network provider representative is always a good idea!