Quickly Fix UGEE M708 Pen Not Working

With tons of handheld devices not out in the market, several of them have shown their quality in a market which is dominated by a few brands with less or not competition. In this market of handheld devices, one name which stands out from most of them is UGEE.

This brand gives you tablets and pen devices which have been quite incredible whenever users have had the privilege of using them. UGEE has manufactured a number of different pen tablets such as the M798, HK106Pro, G3, and the M1000L. All these tablets have interesting features that are second to none and are used for drawing and creating the most incredible digital art.

UGEE pen tablets are brilliant at what they do. They have incredible compatibility with applications of the likes of Adobe Photoshop, Windows Paint, SAI, and much more. But the real problem occurs when the UGEE M708 pen does not work. This issue is related to the M708 respectively which is why only this model shall be the one which will be looked at in detail today.

Troubleshooting UGEE M708 Pen Not Working

To troubleshoot this problem of the UGEE M708 pen not working, you will need to follow these guidelines we present to you. There are three important fixes for this problem which you will need to follow step-by-step to make sure the pen works.

Restart System

The first of these is restarting the system to which the stylus is connected. Be it your laptop or your desktop, rebooting your PC immediately after facing this issue is the best solution. Once your system boots up after the restart, there are chances that this issue might be solved. Once you restart, check to see if you’re still facing the same issue.

Check USB Port

When the USB port which we have connected the pen to is damaged, we will see an error where your system is going to fail to read your device. Here you will have to check whether or not the cable of your stylus is inserted correctly or not. Make sure to check the USB port if the pen stops functioning.

Check the Tablet Pen

When you are using the M708 pen for long hours or even several years then you might start having issues with the pen. This is due to constant use of the pen over the years where it meets the end of its life cycle.

Although that is something unavoidable, here are some of the fixes you can carry out to make sure that your M708 tablet pen is still working as per your preferences.

Solutions to Fix UGEE M708 Pen

#1 : Update UGEE Tablet Driver

To update the UGEE Tablet Driver, carry out the following steps:

  • In the Windows search option, open the Device Manager

  • Identify the drivers of the UGEE tablet here and then right click on it
  • Click the Update Driver option to update your drivers to the latest version

  • Once updated, restart your system

  • Now use your tablet to see if it’s working and whether or not you are able to complete your tasks and if the cursor on the screen is in your control.

#2 : Uninstall and Reinstall Tablet Drivers

To uninstall the tablet drivers of UGEE here, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Press Windows and S to open up the Search Box

  • Access the Device Manager and click on the best matched driver of the M708
  • Once you’ve selected the driver, click the uninstall driver option from the right-click context menu

  • After this, click the Yes button in the pop-up window to continue the uninstallation process
  • This is how the UGEE tablet drivers at this point get completely uninstalled

Follow these steps to reinstall the drivers which you removed from your system:

  • Open the official website of the UGEE tablet company and check for the latest compatible drivers
  • You shall find the graphics drivers for both Windows and Mac over there so you don’t need to worry about that
  • Choose the right driver according to your software and then download that driver
  • Once the file is installed, reboot your computer for it to take effect

#3: Restart Your Tablet

To restart the tablet that is connected to your system, you will need to carry out these steps:

  • Open the Run Dialog Box by using the Windows Icon and R keys

  • Type Services.Msc in the search field and hit Enter

  • The Service Window immediately opens up on your Desktop screen where you will identify the tablet service running on your laptop
  • After this, right-click on it and click on the restart option

  • This is how the tablet service is stopped on your system and restarts freshly on your PC

#4: Modify Tablet Pen Settings

There are some places where the user can help solve the issue of the UGEE M708 pen not working by changing the settings of the pen. This is done by these steps:

  • Open the properties of the UGEE Tablet
  • Find the Pressure Compatibility Option
  • This option will help in adjusting the Pen’s Pressure for Compatibility with Older Apps that not only just support 1024 Pressure levels
  • Check the given Checkbox next to the pressure compatibility option
  • Then go to the calibrate option and click the grip pen
  • Also enable the Windows Ink Option by checking its checkbox.
  • Finally, check on the tablet’s display whether or not pen pressure is enabled by moving the stylus on your graphic tablet for its sensitivity

Reset Windows

When you update your Windows, at times the pen might stop working. If you are facing UGEE tablet pen issue after your Windows has recently been updated, use these steps to go back to your old Windows mode:

  • Open the Settings by pressing the Windows and I keys on your keyboard

  • Go to the Update and Security category

  • Find the Recovery Option on the left and click on it

  • Click on the Get Started button under the Reset this PC Station

  • Go through some of the on-screen instructions in order to rollback your Windows version to the previous one before the latest Windows software update.

Related Problems

Here are the related problems that might be causing this problem to you:

Damaged USB Port

A damaged USB port is one of the most common causes for your M708 pen not working. Since this table is connected to your computer by means of a USB cable then this tablet is going to show signs of wear and tear frequently.

A damaged USB port might be caused due to a number of reasons such as a USB port being overused, the USB cable of the tablet not plugged properly into the computer, or the USB cable is plugged into a USB port but not properly because many people still don’t know how to plug in a USB cable the right way.

Expired Drivers

Outdated drivers are other causes why the M708 pen might not be working on your system. Having faulty or outdated drivers in your computer is basically pointless because that just means that you don’t keep your Windows and computer updated. Expired drivers prevent hardware drivers from working properly and that is why the M708 might not be working.

Wait for the solution to this problem in your list of problems whose answer we shall be discussing below after the troubleshooting section. Because when a stylus stops working in a table like this, it is pretty annoying.

Faulty Stylus Pen

Due to a faulty stylus pen, your UGEE M708 pen might have some serious bugs in it. This might be a problem with the product which the manufacturer might have sent over where the stylus might not have been working even properly even since you took it out of the box. A stylus that doesn’t work can spoil the entire party for you because it defeats the entire idea of a graphic tab.

Connection between the Tablet and System

The connection between your tablet and the system it is connected to must be free of faults because this is the most important connection of your tablet. Making sure your tablet works on external devices is checked whether or not it is correctly connected to the main systems.

If the connection isn’t made the right way then obviously it won’t be working. When the M708 pen doesn’t work, you will need to check the connection of the pen with your computer.


We hope that after these solutions, you are able to bring your M708 pen back to functionality again. When your stylus doesn’t work then that can hold you back from working and precious time of yours is wasted.

So long story short, make sure to go through the above troubleshooting methods as well as the solutions to fix this problem of your UGEE M708 pen not working because it surely will after you’ve applied all these ways that are going to end up fixing it.