Quickly Fix Unable to Connect to the Samsung Server

Samsung has one of the best gadgets in the world. Be it galaxy smartphones, TVs, or even tablets, it is a rare instant when Samsung misses the spot. Talking about their TVs in particular, Samsung has been delivering quality on a consistent basis for a number of years now in the TV department. However, there is a problem that makes users lose their head.

This error that we’re talking about is the “Únable to Connect to Samsung Server”. When you come across such issues and this issue in particular, you think that there could be an issue with your device or your network connection. We are here to tell you that it could be more than that as well.

You will need to check everything from your internet to your power settings to make sure where the error is and then work towards a solution in the shortest time possible. Which is why we shall be discussing some of the reasons why this problem might be caused.

Causes Of Unable to Connect to the Samsung Server Error

Corrupt Cache

Cache is something that is stored by most of the devices that you use in order to reduce the launch imes of your device. Your TV’s operating system has cache stored in it to make your TV faster and more efficient.

This cache can end up being corrupted at times and will cause issues to our appliance. It is entirely possible that your Samsung Smart TV has its cache corrupted for some unknown reason which is why it is unable to connect to Samsung Servers.

Issue of Smart HUB

The Samsung Smart HUB is the control panel for Samsung’s television having all the basic features which can be controlled by the press of a single button. The Smart HUB also has the tendency to malfunction at times which in turn causes issues with Samsung’s services and eventually gives you an error where you are unable to connect to Samsung’s services.

Outdated Software

Nowadays, even TVs have their software updates rolled out once every few months and Samsung TVs are also a part of this routine because Samsung believes in optimizing its TVs so that users get a better experience on their hands.

But times when your software isn’t updated, it brings up several errors. Issues are expected here due to your TV being outdated and this can be a major reason why your TV isn’t able to connect to the server and ends up giving you the error message.

Not being able to access the server prevents you from accessing the apps and services Samsung has to offer. Now that we’ve discussed some of the issues we had about the server not connecting, we shall move onto the solutions of this problem which we have.


Soft Reset

Moving on to the solutions of this issue, the first one that we have is the option of Soft Reset. The soft reset option just might do wonders since it is going to refresh your TV and it just might end up solving the issue of you being unable to connect to Samsung’s services. Here is how to configure a soft reset in your Smart TV:

  • Press and hold the “Power” button on your TV remote

  • Keep holding the button until the TV completely restarts
  • Check and see whether the issue is still present

If the problem still persists then move on to the next step. A soft reset is better than factory reset since it retains your TVs customized settings.

Reset Smart HUB

Another solution which you can carry out is resetting the Smart HUB on your Samsung TV which is the place for all your entertainment needs on a Samsung TV. Here are the steps on how you can carry it out:

  • Press the Settings button on your TV remote

  • Using the arrow keys, go on the “Support” option in the left pane and then press “OK” to enter it

  • Go on the option of “Self Diagnosis” and then press on the “Reset Smart HUB” option

  • Enter your password and press “OK” to reset the Smart HUB (the default PIN code of your TV is “0000”
  • Wait until the reset has taken place after which you will carry out the setup of your TV
  • Once the setup is complete, check and see if the issue still persists

Software Update

As told earlier that one of the problems why your Samsung server might not be accessible may be due to your TVs software not being updated. Here is how you can update the software of your TV:

  • Start your TV up and go to its Settings

  • Use the arrow keys to go to the Support option on the left side and enter it by pressing “OK”

  • You will need to be logged in to your Samsung account to carry out the Software update so make sure that is done
  • Now click on the “Update Software” option to update your software to the latest version

  • Once the software update is complete, let your system reboot

After your system is done rebooting, check to see whether the problem of connecting to the server is still there.

Contact Official Support

Your last bet in this situation will be to contact official support to fix this problem. Several times the problem might not be what we think it is which is why contacting official support will help you loads. The experts can help diagnose the problem better as to why you aren’t able to connect to the server.

Once the problem is diagnosed they will be telling you the quickest possible solution for you to get rid of this problem. If needed, they’ll send over an expert to help you fix this issue so that you can go back to enjoying your favorite TV shows and movies.