Quickly Fix VPN Tunnel Failure

Virtual Private Network, that is VPN, is a secure way of accessing different websites and servers without the threat of security or hacking attempts. However, with VPNs sometimes some errors can occur that might disrupt your browsing. While it is frustrating, it can be easily resolved.

A tunnel failure is a very common error that is reported by many regular users of VPN applications or software; it can also come as VPN failure code 800. This usually occurs when people try to connect their phones with a VPN connection.

The types of VPN connections differ from user to user, some might use it for their own devices to access specific windows, while some might benefit from an IPsec VPN connection which allows access to an entire network.

This occurs when users enter their login information and as soon as they do, the VPN tunnel failure errors appears on the screen and restricts you from going further. This can also happen when you are trying to establish a secure VPN tunnel through isaKMP Port 500.

If you are looking for ways to fix this error, there are multiple solutions to this problem, here’s a list:

How To Fix VPN Tunnel Failure:

Method #1: You Should Check For Software Updates

In order to make sure all things run smoothly, you first need to check if your devices are up to date. This means checking if there is any outdated software on your device which might be causing errors like VPN tunnel failure to occur.

To check if there is any sort of updates you need to install, go to your device’s settings. If there are any prompts for you to update any of your software, download it for your device. When it has been successfully updated, try using your VPN again and see if the tunnel failure error has been resolved.

Method #2: Optimize Configuration Settings

You need to make sure your device’s configurations do not have any errors. This is especially important for optimizing your VPN’s performance.

To optimize your device’s settings and configuration, you would need to reboot your device. This is because a reboot and fix minor issues with the configuration and any errors in the background that need to be fixed. Try accessing the VPN again after rebooting your device.

Method #3: What Is Your VPN Type?

If the reboot has not fixed the error yet, you can try and update the type of VPN connection you are using.

  • To figure this out, you would have to open the network connections and right-click on the VPN server option.

  • Go to Properties and scroll down.
  • Once you have scrolled down you will see the Security tab.

  • In the Security tab, click on the ‘Type of VPN’ option and choose the best one that fits your needs.

  • When the VPN connection is updated, the tunnel failure should be resolved.

Method #4: Make Sure Server Details Are Correct

In a lot cases, the VPN tunnel failure occurs due to incorrect information. This is when the user’s details or the server’s address details are not correct; both of these need to be identical in order for the VPN to work properly.

When the VPN is unable to connect to the valid server, this causes the tunnel failure to occur. The solution to this is to cross-check the server’s address and its name. If there are any issues, you should make the changes necessary. Once these details are updated, the tunnel failure should be resolved.

Method #5: Check Your Network Connection

Sometimes the problem lies in the simplest of all things: your internet connection. When it comes to VPN applications, it is very important to have a stable and proper internet connection so there is no disruption in the connection between user and server.

This is especially the cause of error in SSTP VPN protocols as they work by establishing a secure connection between a VPN client and a VPN server, any disruptions with the internet connection can affect this.

In the case of a network connection issue, you should wait for a few minutes before trying again and the VPN tunnel failure should be resolved on its own. If it still does not, you should try rebooting your internet router. If the error still persists, contact your internet provider, and they might be able to help you out.


All in all, this is a pretty common errors amongst VPN software and applications that is usually solved in the nick of time. One of these solutions might just what you need to fix it and get back to your browsing.

In an unfortunate scenario, where these solutions do not work, you should contact their customer support and ask them for help.