Why Do My AirPods Keep Cutting Out ?

Are you getting problems with your AirPods? Getting worried whether your investment is ruined? Are disconnecting issues throwing you in trouble? Don’t you know how to sort out this problem?

You can read this article and figure out the tips and fixes to sort out this problem. We will also shed light on the reasons that create this issue.

So, no more discussion, get into Why Do My AirPods Keep Cutting Out? And find your answer.

Let’s begin with the cause of AirPods cutting out issues!

Possible Causes Why Your Airpods Keep Cutting Out?

AirPods disconnecting from Bluetooth devices and iPhones is a common problem faced by many users. The issue may be related to hardware, a low signal, or maybe an issue with some versions of iOS.

The AirPods disconnecting issue was most common in the year 2016, and 2017 with 10.1 versions of iOS, and then arises again in 2018 with the updated version of iOS 11.2.6. The issue was also experienced in the iOS 12.1 version, and there is a high chance of occurring this issue in the future also.

The disconnecting issues are mostly related to phone calls when the iPod stops working in the middle of the conversation and the other person does not hear you clearly, or sometimes your voice stops completely. This issue is less common when you listen to music or connect with in-car Bluetooth.

Another reason might be the sensors present inside the AirPods that determine whether they are in your ears or not. Some other reasons are microphones, and Bluetooth interference. No matter what the reason should be, we are here with some of the audio fixes that will help you to get rid of the AirPod disconnecting issue. If any of the methods won’t work, we suggest you go to Apple’s site to get a replacement.

Some Methods to Fix AirPods that Disconnect From an iPhone

Here we have the most easier yet helpful ways of fixing the disconnecting AirPods. Just get into these methods once, you will realize how easy these are.

1 : Check battery levels

The first, and foremost thing to check is the battery level. Always try to keep the battery full of your AirPods. If the AirPods are running short of battery, then you will not be able to hear anything. This is not so tricky, you can easily check the battery status on your iPhones by following the given steps. Let’s have a look.

  • By keeping AirPods inside their case, open the lid, and hold it beside the iPhones.

  • A pop-up will be shown on your iPhones screen that will tell you the battery level.

  • You are allowed to check the battery widget on iPhones. Just swipe from left to right on the Home page, and simply scroll down.
  • If the battery widgets are not added to the iPhones, try to add them. Scroll down until you see the edit, tap on it, and add batteries.

Adding the widget will help you to check the battery status of other apple devices, for example, the Apple watch.

2: Check your audio device settings

Ensure that you select the AirPods as the audio device. This can happen automatically because the sensors inside the AirPods identify that attach with your ears, but if it does not happen, then follow some simple steps.

  • When playing music on the iPhone, tap an Airplay icon that is present below the track (but only if you select the track).

  • From the options select the AirPods.

  • When you make a call, audio options will appear on the screen. Make sure to select AirPods from those options.

When you are on call, it is possible to change the audio source by tapping the speaker icon.

The story doesn’t finish here, there are even a few more causes and solutions that lead to the AirPods’ cutting out. So keep reading!

3 : Turn off Wi-Fi on your iPhone

We are not sure if it is helpful or not, but some of the users have complained that Wi-Fi creates this issue. They reported that when they turn off the Wi-Fi on their iPhones, the audio disconnecting issue has been resolved. So trying this one might be one of the solutions.

4: Clean your AirPods

Why Do My AirPods Keep Cutting Out ” is a question that is repeatedly asked, and one reason is the dirt present in your AirPods.

You have to clean your AirPods from time to time. Cleaning the AirPods has a procedure, as using the hard hands may leave any scratch or mark on the case, and smash up the pieces of the AirPods. Always clean them with a light piece of cloth, and with soft hands also.

5: Disable Automatic Ear Detection

This is another reason for AirPods audio disconnects. You know that every AirPod has a sensor, and this sensor will show that AirPods are in use or not. It is possible that the sensor is not working well, and is not able to detect whether the AirPods are plugged in ears or not.

When the AirPods are unable to tell whether the device connected with them is plugged in the ear. Save the power by disconnecting it from the device.

This problem happens sometimes when keeping your AirPod in place. In this situation, changing your position a bit can lead you to the Automatic Ear detection feature causing disconnection.  The best option is to disable this feature when the AirPods keep disconnecting from the paired device.

To do this,

  • Always make sure to keep the AirPod case open. Move to settings

  • See at the right side of your AirPods, here you will find an “I” symbol, tap on it.
  • Now completely disable the Automatic Ear detection.

6: Check Bluetooth

The device with which you are going to use the AirPod, check if the Bluetooth is activated or not.

  • Open the control center on your iPads, or iPhone, and check whether the Bluetooth is on.

  • The alternative method to check Bluetooth is to go to settings, then Bluetooth. A green indicator will tell you if the Bluetooth is on. If it is already on, better to turn it off, and on again.

  • To turn the Bluetooth from off to on-again, go to settings, Bluetooth, tap green switch, and wait till it goes white.
  • Wait for at least 15 seconds before turning it on again.

6: Unpaired your Watch

The issue can also arise when you pair both an apple watch, and AirPods, try to unpaired the watch, and check if the audio issue has been resolved. If there is any other Bluetooth gadget, it is better to unpaired it also, if you will find it causing divergence.

Here we have done with the most common causes and their solutions of AirPods cutting out issues; now it is time to jump in the AirPods continuously Disconnecting and Reconnecting on Windows 10 Computers.

AirPods Continuously Disconnecting and Reconnecting on Windows 10 Computers

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to check for the reason.

  • Go to the search bar of your computer, type Device Manager, and click on it to open it. From the run command, you can also run the devmgmt.msc.

  • Now when the Device Manager page opens, click on the View tab, and select ‘device by type’.

  • Expand the Human Interface Devices to find the AirPod’s Audio & Video Remote control.

  • Select properties by right-clicking on the AirPods Audio & Video Remote control.

  • Now move to the ‘Power Management tab’ and unselect the option named “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”.

  • For the AirPods Hand’s free Call Control HID, repeat the above-mentioned process.
  • Now check the status of the problem to get to know why the problem happens.

What are the Possible Solutions?

You can remove the hidden Bluetooth drivers and try to pair the AirPod again.

  • Go to the Device Manager of the computer

  • Select on view, and choose select Show hidden devices

  • Find Bluetooth and expand it

  • The device which is shown grey, try to uninstall it
  • At the last, restart the computer

  • Now try to again pair the AirPods


Change the Registry Entry Value

  • Search For RUN option in the windows
  • Type Regedit to access the windows registry
  • Now check the following key

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Class\{e0cbf06c-cd8b-4647-bb8a-263b43f0f974}\0000 >New “String Value” > Name PnP Capabilities

  • Set the value to 24

Key Take

Airpods are one of the most expensive investments, if they create a tiny issue, its keeper gets stressed, so keep yourself out of the stress, you must know the basic troubleshooting issue.

This article covers all the basic reasons that can create the AirPods disconnecting issues. Read the article and figure out the expected issues that your AirPods can lead to the disconnect repeatedly.

We hope this guide helps you a lot and you would be capable of finding your AirPods disconnecting reason.