Why Does My PS4 Sound Like a Jet Engine

Have you ever experienced a loud PS4? More precisely, a PS4 that sounds like a jet!

Many PS4 users have experienced it, they complain that suddenly their PS4 starts making loud noises, and they feel like they are at the terminal of an airport. If you are experiencing something similar, do not worry or panic at all. This happens with users you can resolve it easily after figuring what is the actual reason behind all this fuss.

Possible Grounds Why ps4 Sound Like a Jet Engine

There are not many factors or reasons behind a loud PS4. This happens due to reasons that you can count in no time. There are some environmental, technical, and human errors that you can easily trace and get rid of them in no time.

1. Heavy-duty games

If your PS4 is brand new, you have been using it for not very long, and you start hearing some sounds it means that the games you are playing on it are getting the best out of it. When you start playing heavy-duty games the fan in your console that is usually used to cool down the system of your console by throwing out the heat is working continuously, it starts making these sounds.

2. Clogged fans

The fans are the main source for the cooling of your Sony PlayStation console. All system inside your console works and produce heat and the only way out for heat is through the air vents on both sides of your console. Therefore, if these fans are clogged with dirt, it is very normal to start hearing these sounds. There are a number of ways you can opt to clean your air vents and avoid this situation before it even happens.

There could be some other factors also involved in making these louder and jet-like sounds; you can avoid this by taking the utmost care of your console. If the situation has already occurred, you need to look out for the reason at first and then opt for a solution that works well for you.

Almost all modern problems have a solution and thankfully, this one as well has some easiest solutions that you will ever hear about and it can easily be done from the comfort of your home.

Possible solutions for the loud noise of your PS4

Once you have figured out your issue you can now opt for the solution for it. We will try to list down all possible solutions that you can seek and resolve the issue at hand.

1. Try changing the air of your Console

The heat gets the most out of your system. The fans will come to the rescue and this whole process will end up as the result of these loud noises. It is highly recommended to use your PlayStation in cool environments and possibly in open-air spaces. The console – no matter how slim it is – needs ventilation to breathe. If you place it, in some drawer or any close space, it will start heating up or even if it is not heating up, you surely hear these loud noises.

Therefore, in order to avoid all this trouble happening in the first place, you need to look for a space for your console, which is refreshing, breathable, and cool.

For most people, this method only works wonders. So if you are not very sure about the issue or even if you were a new user of the PS4, it would be great if you follow these steps and keep things on the right path from day one.

2. Try placing it in the Vertical position

Your air vents are placed on both sides of your console. You might have seen people place it like a laptop on their desks and tables alongside their monitor or TV. If you are also doing it, you are blocking the air vents, there are two air vents placed on the back and one on the front side of the console. The air comes from the front side and gets its way out from the backside, so if you have closed the back air vents you will eventually start to hear these loud noises.

The only way out is to place it in a vertical position and let the air flow process run smoothly. If you are not sure how to place it vertically on your desk you can use some help with stuff at home and for a more legitimate way, there are console stands available in the market. You can buy them at very reasonable prices from any other store.

3. Try using a compressed air can

If your fans are clogged with dirt your first priority should be cleaning the already clogged with dirt fans. Over the period of time dust particles gather up on the fan and you can hear these noises getting louder.

A simple solution is to clean the fans regularly with any method you feel more comfortable with but if the situation is now out of hands, you can use a compressed air can to instantly clean the dirt without removing the cover of your console.

4. Try rebooting

The next step is to turn off and restart your device. If you are sure that, there is no such issue of dirt with your console. It is highly recommended to still use a compressed air can solution, once you have done everything and still there is no progress try the rebooting method.

You need to turn on and off your device to clear out possible bugs or glitches.


If nothing has worked out yet, your last resort is to open the PS4 by unscrewing it. Note that if you unscrew your PS4 it will also remove the warranty tags and you will no longer be liable to the facility of a warranty.