Why Does My Vizio Soundbar Turn On By Itself ?

There are several reasons that make the Vizio soundbar turn on by itself; this soundbar looks so annoying on the screen and becomes a hurdle in operating the TV.

There are several reasons behind this automatic turning on and off of the soundbar; therefore,  this article has distilled down all the possible reasons and their fixes.

Soundbar turns on automatically due to several reasons and the top-fix is the use of a reliable, optical cable. Well, read the article further and find the solution of this pesky toolbar.

Reasons For Vizio Soundbar Turn On By Itself?

If the soundbar is connected with the TV via an optical cord, and you witness that it turns on by itself randomly, then the reason might be a loose internet connection. Another reason may be that a gaming system or cord is transmitting a turn-on signal to your television. It is commonly seen that an internet connection convinces the soundbar to turn on by ensuring that it is going to attain an output signal.

When your soundbar is connected with the TV via an optical cord. And when you turn on the TV, the soundbar automatically turns on with the TV  just because of the auto power link. Similarly, if the TV is connected to the soundbar via an HDMI cord, it will also turn on the soundbar by itself. Although you can turn it off by using the menu key present at the Vizio soundbar remote, proceed by selecting a system and then CEC. Turn off the CEC settings and here you go.

Can I leave my Vizio soundbar on at all times?

No, we suggest not to do so because the soundbar is commonly known as another speaker, so if you leave it on all the time, it has a high chance of getting damaged. The soundbar can get overheated, utilizing power or energy unnecessarily, and overheating can also burn it or sometimes pose a fire danger.

Should I Turn Off my TV Speakers with a soundbar?

Normally the TV speakers are to be turned off, or get to the last level whenever you use a different sound system e.g. soundbar with it. When you are trying to use TV speakers with the soundbar, you may face echoes, and TV speakers will not play a part in enhancing sound. Check your TV speakers and see if you are able to turn them off totally at the menu.

How to Reset the Vizio Soundbar – Three Easier Steps

When you reset the Vizio soundbar, it wipes out the need for any custom settings. To successfully reset the Vizio soundbar follow some simple steps.

Step 1: Clutch and hold the Bluetooth and volume button

For about 5 seconds you have to clutch and hold the Bluetooth and volume down controls at once.

Step 2: LED lights

You will witness that all 12 LED lights will flash at least three times.

Step 3: Complete

When you will see the twelve lights flashing up it means your Vizio sound bar reset to factory settings successfully.

Why isn’t my Vizio Sound Bar Working?

There could be an issue with the soundbar itself if the Vizio soundbar is not working properly. For example, it is possible that your soundbar is connected to the AC outlet loosely. In this case, the soundbar will not get low power or sometimes no power at all. The same issue can arise if you are using a defective outlet or the circuit breaks down. Another reason which causes connection issues, and blockage of signals is the objects between the soundbar and remote control.

A Vizio sound bar also does not produce full sound if the audio is muted or the audio settings are improperly set by you. Besides all these the Vizio soundbar does not deliver volume if you connect it with any damaged device e.g. damaged power board. Most of the time the issue is related to a big technical problem for which you have to consult with a trained technician otherwise, you may lose your device.

Does Vizio Sound Bar Turn Off Automatically?

Yes, it is possible that your Vizio sound bar turns off by itself. But it does not happen all the time. In some situations, it could happen. The Vizio sound bar comes with energy star settings that can automatically power it off after it feels that there is no activity for an extended period of time.

When you leave it idle for a certain time, then it will power off on its own. However, if you disable this setting, then your Vizio sound bar will remain operational, and you have to turn it off by yourself. To make it enable or disable all you need to do is hold the Power, and volume down button for at least 5 seconds together.

Why Does Vizio Sound Bar Turn Off By Itself?

The Vizio sound bar will turn off automatically because it consists of an Auto standby function. If you or anyone else activates this function, the sounds will be now on standby mode and turn off after some time of inactivity. By doing so, it will not only protect your Vizio sound bar but also save more power.

Why Does my Vizio Sound Bar Keep Cutting Out?

There are many reasons, one of which is broken cables, bad connections, defective power boards, or sometimes the remote will not work. The biggest problem may arise inside your Vizio sound bar.

How Do I Make My Vizio Sound Bar Always Stay On?

Yes, this is possible, you can keep the Vizio sound bar always on by following these steps.

  1. Check the Auto Standby function: Check it, and turn it off.
  2. Check the Control for HDMI function: If the sound bar turns off by itself, this feature is active. Please turn this feature off also.
  3. Reset the Sound Bar: If all the above-mentioned ways get failed it means the sound bar may not function temporarily. Reset it using the method we outlined above.

Troubleshooting – No Sound or Audio from Vizio Sound bar

If you are not getting sound or audio from the Vizio sound bar, you can troubleshoot the issue by following the mentioned steps:

●     Check Whether  Sound bar is Powering ON Or Not

If the sound is ON, you will witness a power-on light on either the center or the left-hand side of the bar. But if you will not notice any indicator lights ensure that the power cord is connected tightly to the sound bar and outlet. If you want to check if the power outlet is working or not, try connecting any other device to it.

●       Wrong Input Selection

Vizio consists of a number of inputs ranging from HDMI, component, cable, and AV. You have to check it again and make sure that the sound bar is connected with an ‘Audio Out’ port at the back of the TV. Your TV comes with a number of ports, most of them are input, and we have to connect the sound bar to the output port. This will be labeled as the ‘Audio Out’. So be careful while selecting a port.

●     Make Sure the Sound Bar is Set to the Correct Input

Firstly, switch on the TV and check the audio by playing any channel. Next, press, and hold the input button from the sound bar until the lights start flashing up. This step will start an ‘Auto Input Search’ automatically. The flashing lights will indicate that the sound bar is searching for all the inputs to find the one in which the TV is plugged already.

●       Try Or Change Different Input

Sometimes the sound from the sound bar is due to wrong input, in this case trying to reconnect by using a different cable. If there is still a bad sound or no sound, it means the cable is damaged, try using another one. If switching inputs will resolve the issue then it means the previously used input with the sound bar is defective. To get the replacement you have to connect to the Vizio support team.

The Key Take

Many times the Vizio sound bar becomes annoying and it automatically turns on even when you are not in need. We can understand, this way, your tempo gets spoiled and your all focus turns towards turning it off.

This article has shed light on the reasons that make the sound bar run on or off automatically; you can get into the guide and troubleshoot your issue more smoothly.

So go ahead!