Why Does Nest Say Delayed?

Today’s homes are mostly tech-friendly and known as ‘smart homes’. A smart home is a home that is referred to as a modern home; they are fully equipped with technical gadgets, mostly operated by smartphones, and smart gadgets with finger touch methodology.

In today’s world, a smart home is not just a flex, its being a necessity. Imagine, you need to warm up your food, and you need to do it by using a utensil, sounds cliché, right?

Well, these are not an unnecessary expense but your time, and energy-saving gadgets, which help to ease your life overall, and most of the devices are now eco-friendly too, which means you just don’t save your time but you also contribute to a better and healthy world.

Have You Ever Heard About Nest Thermostats?

Nest thermostats are modern-day advanced heating and cooling systems optimization tools. You can save energy and can maintain the temperature of your home just by adjusting it on your smartphones. They are equipped with AI and can learn your daily routine in a few days, and guess what, once it gets used to it, the nest will automatically adjust itself during times accordingly. Isn’t it great!

The technology is developed during the 2010’s era and people are just loving it. You can have a temperature control panel right in your hand, which saves energy for you. It is a great deal and even if you are not home, you can keep the track of it on your phone.

The very thing you need to understand is that the old thermostats were running on batteries and this nest thermostat runs on your home furnace that means it needs an extra blue wire connection to the C port on your device. Now, if you are seeing a delayed message on your thermostat, there is a high possibility that you hooked up wires wrong in the very first place.

How to Check It?

  • Go to your nest settings and click on it
  • Scroll pass right and left until you get to the option of equipment and click on it
  • You will see yellow color for cooling, green is for fan, the red color will be for power, and white on the top right is for heat.
  • There will be an option of common labeled as ‘C’, placed between heat and power options, and you need that in action in order to run your nest smoothly
  • ‘Common’ here, lets you pull some low voltage power from the unit and send it to the thermos, completing the circuit.

How to Complete the Circuit?

We will guide you on how to complete the circuit in this step-by-step guide below:

  • The foremost step is to turn off the power to your furnace
  • Now, pull the nest off
  • Now you will see five colored wires, the very first thing you need to check is if the blue color wire is being attached to option C.
  • Now, if you see a blue wire coiled here in your attic area, not attached to the C. you need to go ahead and attach it to the common.

Nest Say Delayed

Safety Tools Required to Proceed:

When you are working with electrical procedures at home, safety comes first for you and your loved ones. You will need these safety tools to proceed:

  • Get a good pair of gloves
  • A good quality headlight – so that your hands could be free – is a must
  • Also keep a flashlight (just in case)
  • A pair of regular small screwdrivers
  • A good six in one screwdriver
  • A respirator

Turn off Furnace

  • Now you need to go and turn off your furnace power from the main switch.
  • Check for the lower voltage wires in your blower system. You will see two wires on the motherboard system. One is for the outside air-conditioning unit and the other one goes inside.
  • Now, for the inside wire, you need to look for the blue wire and attach it to the common or C. if your common already has a white wire, you can attach the blue one too with it.
  • Once doing so, you will have completed the low voltage wires with the common.
  • Now, go back to the nest and remove the thermostat cover
  • Pull out the blue wire and connect it with the common.
  • Now, cover the circuit system again with the thermostat cover
  • Once you have connected both wires and put back the unit, you are ready to go and turn on the furnace.
  • Now, turn on the thermostat, repeat the process of going to settings and equipment, and you will see a voltage amount written in front of the common.
  • If you are now able to see an amount of voltage in front of your common or C option in your thermostat, it means its circuit is now completed and you will no longer have that issue of delayed power in it ever again.

If you are facing a ‘delayed’ issue in your thermostat, it most probably is due to the power issue in the circuit. Well, the process is quite simple and you can even do it by yourself, but it is highly recommended that you get a repairperson. This issue arises when the circuit plugin was not done accordingly while installing your thermostat in the first place. So if you are thinking to install a furnace at your home. Keep a close eye on the procedure and we hope that this article educated you on how to solve the ‘why does nest say delayed’ issue for the last time.