Why is my PS4 so loud?

Normally a loud PS4 is due to your fan being stockpiled with dust. It happens when your PS4 console is long due for a cleaning. If this is the reason, there is nothing to worry about; you can take some measures at home to get rid of these loud noises immediately.

When you any of your electronic gadgets. You will notice that when you try to push its hardware to its limit it will start to heat up. Here the cooling system helps to regulate the temperature of your device and if your fan does not start to play its game here, your PS4 might shut off in a while

However, we will also try to enlighten you on some other reasons why your PS4 is making loud noises.

Why PS4 make loud noises – Reasons

There could be a handful of other reasons – aside from the dust issue – that might be causing this problem with your PlayStation console.

  • A dying out PS4

The very first reason is that might be your PS4 console is dying out and the heavy games you play are pushing it to its limits regarding its performance. You need to check if you have launched the edition PS4 or if the warranty time of your Sony PlayStation has come to its end.

  • Suffocated with dust

Your PS4 console needs to be cleaned frequently in order for it to run smoothly. If you forgot or do not clean it often, you are bound to see this issue arise after a while. You can choose numerous ways to clean your console and it is not that difficult. However, fixing this issue afterward is more hectic. So know your device beforehand and learn about how to keep it safe and clean for more life and less hassle.

  • Check out the Hard Drive

Sometimes, when the platters of your hard drive are in search of the data, they usually do spinning and sometimes, this spinning causes the loud noises you hear. This is a sign for you that there is something wrong with your PS4 hard drive.

If the dust is not the issue and your hard drive is at fault, stop playing or using the PS4 and sort out this issue at the earliest.

  • Don’t forget to check the cooling fan

The most underrated cause can be the cooling fan; most people usually overlook this aspect while trying to figure out the cause of the loud sound in PS4. The fan is the savior of your console as all other components run and make heat.

If your cooling fan is uttered with dust, it will not work up to its capacity that will result in loud noises and a heated-up console.

  • Pay attention to extravagant games

The high-end games are induced with high-quality graphics that looks mesmerizing and give you the adrenaline rush but it affects the health of your console. When the fan rotates nonstop, you are bound to hear these loud noises while your system is heated up. . The fan of your console speeds up and on the run to cool down your system, and all this effort results in these loud noises.

Another reason regarding games might be that you have installed incomplete or corrupted games. So make sure that the games are installed correctly, before playing them on your Sony PlayStation.

Why PS4 make loud noises – Solution and Fixes

There could be a number of reasons why your PS4 console is making loud noises and we have tried to list down all possible reasons above. You need to figure out what could be wrong with your PS4, only then you can proceed with the next step of solution and fixes.

Once you figure out the actual reason why your PS4 is making loud noises, the next step is to try to fix this issue at the earliest. We will jot down a list of possible fixes and solutions that might work for you and you can try them at home.

1. Choose an aerated space for your PS4

The most important and crucial step yet neglected by many is – the space. The space where you have placed your PS4 is an important aspect and it is directly linked with the heating a cooling system of your console.

When you play games on your PS4 and your process, CPU alongside all other components are at work, they will generate heat and the cooling fan comes to rescue your console by cooling down the system with the help of a proper airflow system.

There are different vents on your PS4 console; the cooling fans are placed on the sides and back of your console. It means that the air intake vents are placed on sides and the exhaust is placed on the back. Figure out where these vents are placed on your console and make sure that they are not covered or blocked by anything or in any way.

Never place it inside of anything as it will destroy your airflow cycle and it will damage the console itself.

2. Place and play in a cool space

After ventilation, the next step is the cool space for your PS4. You might have seen that all machinery in the industries is placed in cool spaces – that is mainly because of the fact that overheating will kill the system. The same goes for your console as well, it is meant to be placed in a cool place.

We usually place our laptops on stands either in bed or on the table to increase their shelf life. Use the same formula here, because your PS4’s exhausting vent is placed on the back, you can use anything to elevate and place your console on it. It is highly recommended that you use cooling stands for your device. It will elevate it and place it in the vertical position as well.

3. Clear out the dust

The most common cause – aside from a damaged, broken, or old console – is dust. No matter how much clean and cool space you have chosen for your console. The dust is meant to go inside of your PlayStation and you should figure out a conventional way to sort out his issue. You can use different methods to clear the dust.

The most popular, safe, as well as conventional method is to use a compressed air can. Turn off and disconnect your device to apply this method. You should get a compressed air can for yourself as soon as you got yourself a PS4. Try this method once or twice a month to avoid getting into a situation where this method will not suffice.

Another method is to use your vacuum cleaner with a small nozzle and try clearing out the dust. The method requires lots of caution and you need to be very careful if you opt for this method.

4. Scrutinize the issues in the system

The hard drive issue is caused when you play heavy-duty games on your console. It will heat up the system and your cooling fan will be at work continuously. Also, if your games are not downloaded correctly or are damaged it will put a strain on your CPU resulting in an overheated console.

This whole process will put pressure on your cooling fan and it will have to work some extra miles to save the same system from being over-heated and shut down eventually. So your fan tries to rescue the system eventually causing loud noises.

If this situation arises you need to stop playing the games immediately and try to work it out on your console system. Try to reinstall the system applications on your PS4 to resolve this issue immediately.

5. Unbolt your PS4

If you are unable to resolve the issue with the above-mentioned method, your last resort is to open the console and clean it.

  • You need to use a T9 or T8 screw to unbolt the screws at the bottom and backside of your console. (You need to remember an important aspect here, if you unbolt the screws of your PS4, it will remove the warranty stickers as well.)

  • Placed your PS4 in a downwards position and remove the plastic cover on top of it. Be very careful with the process of removal and try not to damage anything along the way. You can now see the insides of your console, alongside the cooling fan
  • Now, with caution, use the air-compressed can to remove all dust from the air vents and fan.

Once the dust is thoroughly removed from the fan and vents as well, place the lid cover on your console once again with the help of some screws.


The loud noises in your PS4 arise due to technical as well as environmental issues. However, these problems can be resolved and avoided for the longtime quality performance and shelf life of your PS4 by following and adding some simple fixes in your routine life while using the PS4.