Solutions if Your Windows 10 Search Bar Missing

The Windows 10 Search Bar Missing from the taskbar is a common problem that can surface when you upgrade from Win 7/8/8.1 to Win 10. It also can occur if you apply the Anniversary Update or the Creators Update to your previous Win 10 build. The problem can occur because the new Cortana overrides its classic search box behavior that was utilized on Win 7 and 8. There’re built-in methods for getting your Cortana equivalent search feature, but if you desire the previous feature, you’ve little choice but to utilize a 3rd-party tool.

Update: Before the Anniversary Update, the users would be capable of disabling Cortana and get the classic search back. However, it’s no longer a choice because the MS eradicated the toggle that was previously utilized for disabling the Cortana conventionally.

If you are making an effort to get your conventional search back, there’re some solutions that other users in a similar case have utilized for fixing this problem. Please follow the solutions below until you find a solution that is satisfactory in assisting you in getting your search box back. But before moving on with the fixes, confirm that the taskbar is located at the bottom of your screen.

Try These Fixes To Resolve The Windows 10 Search Bar Missing Error:

Solution#1: Making Certain That The Search Bar Isn’t Hidden

If you encounter this issue when you upgrade the system to Win 10 or after installing the main update, then it might be because the Win 10 permits the users to hide its search bar. So if the Win 10 search bar is hidden, then you can resolve the error simply. Here’s the way to ensure that the search bar isn’t set to hidden:

  • First, right-click on your Taskbar.
  • Then click on Cortana > select Show search box.

After you are done with these steps, the Win 10 search bar will emerge. If this solution can’t resolve the problem, then you ought to try the following solutions.

Solution#2: Disabling The Tablet Mode

The search box in the taskbar may not be shown because you’re utilizing Tablet mode. This mode is a new feature of Win 10 that will activate itself automatically when if the users detach the tablet from the dock. However, this mode is created for utilizing with the touchscreen. It’ll only permit the users to run the apps on the full screen, and you’ll have certain restrictions. Among the different other restrictions, the search box isn’t accessible during the tablet mode. If you desire to get the search back, ensure that this mode is disabled. The fastest method to do so is to open the notification menu > click Table mode for disabling it.Facing there is not enough memory to complete this operation error ? check this error available solutions.

Note: If you locate that the Tablet Mode re-enables itself automatically without your consent, you can set it to remain disabled. To do this,

  • Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R key > enter ‘ms-settings:tablet mode’ > press Enter for opening the Tablet mode section of Settings.
  • In the Tablet mode section, utilize the drop-down menu linked with When I log in to change the default behavior to utilize the desktop mode. With this active, you simply can make sure that the Tablet mode will not activate again by itself.

Once this mode is deactivated, you ought to regain your search box feature in the taskbar. If the search is still not available, continue with the next solution.Solving disc soft lite bus service error is also very easy.

Solution#3: Disabling Your Use Small Taskbar Buttons Option

There’s another common reason of this error, the utilize small taskbar buttons is enabled. Therefore, you can disable this option for making the Win 10 search bar show up. Here’s what to do:

  • Hit the Windows + I buttons simultaneously for opening the Settings app.
  • Select Personalization > Taskbar from the left.

Note: You can also right-click on your Taskbar > select Taskbar settings.

  • Switch off Use small taskbar buttons from the right panel.

After you’ve disabled this option, the Win 10 search bar ought to appear. If not, then simply right-click on your Taskbar > click Cortana to select the Show search box.

Windows 10 Search Bar

Solution#4: Setting Up The Local User

MS decided to stop users from disabling Cortana, the thing that’s really interfering with your classic search. You can no longer disable the assistant from the menu of Cortana on computers that have already used the Anniversary update. However, there’s a solution of disabling Cortana by force and get the old search back. By simply setting up and utilizing the local user with administrative rights, you’ll make sure that Cortana will not replace your classic search. It’ll just work as long as you’re utilizing the Microsoft account. Here is a guide on making a new local account to solve the Windows 10 Search Bar Missing problem:

  • First, hit the Win + R keys for opening the Run box > enter ‘ms-settings:otherusers’ > press Enter for opening the Family and other people section of Settings.
  • In this section, click Add someone else to this computer.
  • On the next page, click I do not have this individual’s sign-in info option > click on Add a user without the MS account.
  • Type in the username & password (optionally) > clock on Next for completing the making of a new user account.
  • Click the newly made account in your Family and other people > choose Change account type.
  • In the next screen, make use of the drop-down menu for changing the Account type from the Standard User to Admin > click on Ok for saving the changes.
  • Sign out from the current user and sign in with the newly made one. Next, follow the prompts that appeared on your screen for initializing your new account.
  • You’ll see that Cortana is disabled. In addition to that, the search box is included inside your Start menu.
  • If you desire to comprise the visible search box in your taskbar, then simply right-click anywhere on the taskbar > navigate to Search > go to the Show search box.