Quickly Fix Wireless Capability is Turned Off Windows 10, 7, 8

There might be times where your laptop’s wireless network suddenly stops working. This is something that is quite annoying on a number of levels. You’re surfing the internet just doing your thing where Windows immediately tells you that your connection to the internet just got disconnected.

The few reasons why this is so particularly annoying is because it disrupts the flow of your work. In places where you are efficient and working incredibly well, this little inconvenience pops up and has the capability to ruin your entire working session. When wifi doesn’t work on your computer, everything tends to go south.

Furthermore, your wireless capability being turned off allows your computer to disconnect from external devices it was connected to by means of wifi such as printers and projectors. Fear not, as we are here to help you control this situation and get rid of this problem from your system. These might take some time but these methods are your best bets.

Different Solutions For Wireless Capability is Turned Off

Solution – 1: Wireless Option Should be Turned On

If you’re working using a laptop then you will come across a function key on your laptop’s keyboard which you can use to turn on its wireless capability. It may be the F12 or other buttons which vary according to the laptop. Just make sure to find the key having a wireless symbol on it and press it.

Follow these steps to get rid of this problem of wireless capability being turned off in your laptop:

  • In the Search bar type Network to access the area of Network and Sharing

  • Click on the option which says change adapter settings.

  • On your wireless network adapter, right-click and choose the “Enable” option.

Once you’ve finished following these steps you will then find that wireless capability for you has been turned on successfully by you.

Solution – 2: Power Settings of Wireless Network Adapter

This is a built-in feature of Windows devices along with all other software that are not in use in order to save energy. This feature helps you increase the life of your laptop but there also might be a chance that your device was turned off by Windows then it did not manage to turn back on.

Here’s how you can check your network’s Power Management settings:

  • After powering up your PC, Press the Win + R keys to open the run box

  • Type msc and press enter and you will be redirected to the Device Manager

Solution – 3: Updating Wireless Network Adapter Driver

If you have a guess that your wireless driver isn’t updated, then the problem of wireless capability being turned off for you will definitely appear. Thus, you should update your wireless network adapter driver. To do that, follow these steps:

  • Press the Windows + X keys together to access the Device Manager

  • Open the Network adapters and access your wireless adapter settings after which you will update your driver

  • Go to the option where it searches automatically for an updated version of your driver’s software and then follow the on-screen instructions

  • After this, you will need to restart your laptop to see if the issue still persists

Solution – 4: Diagnosing Network Connection

Diagnosing your network connection here is going to help you fix the problem of your wireless capability being turned off. Carry out the following steps in order to diagnose your network connection:

  • Go to the Start menu and open the run command by clicking on Run

  • After you get the Run command box on your screen, type ncpa.cpl and enter it to open the Network Connections

  • Upon entering the Network Connections, access the WiFi section and adjacent to Organize which is just under the address bar you will see some options. Here, click on Diagnose

  • Now Windows is going to begin to troubleshoot and if an issue pops up then it will be fixed automatically

Solution – 5: Update BIOS

Before updating your BIOS, check whether you’ve created a backup of your data or not because there are chances that you can lose a large chunk of your data by means of this method.

Here is how you will be updating your BIOS:

  • First, check the BIOS version of your system opening the Run command

  • Here, in the run box, type msinfo32 and then OK. This will open the System Info Window

  • In the System Information window, you can go through the BIOS Version/Date section in order to check your system’s BIOS version

  • Next, go to the website of your system manufacturer for the latest version of the BIOS and transfer it to a USB
  • Reboot your system with the USB that you’ve inserted into your system and upon restarting of the system, enter your BIOS using UEFI

  • After this, copy the new BIOS version from the website of your manufacturer into a disc that is bootable. Next, you will need to reboot your system with the same disc containing the BIOS version
  • Follow the instructions of the manual that came with your motherboard to carry out the BIOS update seamlessly

Solution – 6: Switch to Ethernet Cable

Another solution on the side for this problem when your wireless capability doesn’t work is to switch to an Ethernet cable connection permanently. This solution is going to restrict you to sitting near your wifi router since it is going to require you to connect your internet router and laptop by means of an Ethernet cable.

Again, this problem of having restricted movement can be solved by having an Ethernet cable of a longer length. Ethernet cables come in a number of lengths and you can customize yours according to your liking. Make sure that the pin on the ends of the Ethernet cable is properly inserted into your cable.


If you don’t have wireless capability working for you then the above mentioned solutions could be the ones that could help bring that back for your laptop. Wireless capability is one of the most important things your laptop could have and when that doesn’t work, your productivity is more or less going to be zero. Make sure to carry out these solutions to fix this problem.