Instantly Fix X Mouse Button Control Not Working

To answer why is my X-mouse button control not working, we first need to know what X-mouse and X-mouse button control are.

X mouse on the computer is a mouse control system that we use instead of the standard selection system. You have to double-click to open or edit the file or document in normal mouse control and single-click for selection. But in an X mouse system, the objects are selected automatically if we hover the mouse over the object for a certain period. This system has made double-clicking unnecessary by enabling the context function to activate with a single click previously activated by the double click. However, other operations such as text selection and menus remain unaffected.

If we talk about the x mouse button control (XMBC), it is defined as a free windows mouse customizing application. It allows you to reconfigure your mouse buttons and aids in creating application and windows specific profiles. XMBC expands the functions of your mouse and remaps them by assigning multiple functions to the mouse button. It is ideal for those who want to perform different functions with a click.

Pros and Cons of Xmbc:

Listed below are some advantages and disadvantages of XMBC:


  • multiple customizing options
  • creation of application and window specific profiles
  • automatically activating profiles
  • upholds various users
  • permits different navigation customizations
  • great for users with advanced needs


  • No proper guidance
  • Overcomplicated for new users

How to Use X Mouse Button Control?

Utilizing X-Mouse Button Control can be somewhat troublesome at first: there are a lot of choices, and the interface, doesn’t direct you through the most common way of assigning them. Confused clients may wish to look online for a client guide or tutorial, particularly when beginning. What it lacks is ease. However, it makes up versatility.

The software includes various features accessible to map to your mouse buttons. Following are some of these features:

  • Launching any windows or applications
  • Copy, paste, or cut
  • Play, pause, volume, mute, stop
  • Capturing screen image to your clipboard
  • Dragging by sticky buttons or keys
  • Time buttons, it depends on how long you hold your button
  • Sending keys using ‘stimulated keystrokes’ editor

Altogether, there are around 100 unique activities for you to choose from.

When you open X-Mouse Button Control, you will see the principle window that includes a rundown of Window/Application Profiles. This list contains every one of the profiles you have made and allocated to different windows or applications. From here, you can rapidly activate, deactivate or add profiles.

The corresponding PIB-Profile Information box shows how the X mouse button controls the selected window or cycle. This data is equivalent to that entered while making the profile.

The list of Mapping Commands shows the tasks allocated to each of up to nine potential controls on your mouse. Activities for each of these buttons are chosen from the dropdown lists. The list of orders is likely to change with every variant of XMBC, and that a few things are just accessible on specific operating systems.

There are nine methods for sending your allotted keystroke when allocating keystrokes to the mouse. These include sending the keys when the mouse button is released or pressed, constantly sending the keys while the mouse button is held down, or sending them while the mouse button is on hold.

This large number of features adds to a somewhat complete program that can address the mouse customization needs of even the most developed client. Getting your mouse set up precisely as you need it may require a short time; however, the work will be worth the effort.

When we have enough information about these two terms, we continue with the above question.

If you have reconfigured your mouse buttons by using this tool and have changed left-click or right-click to something else, and now your x mouse won’t function, and you can’t even use right and left click anymore for the selection you have a non-working x mouse button control.

Fixing X Mouse Button Control:

There are five methods to fix the X mouse button control that is not working.

  1. Uninstalling any clashing mouse software
  2. Clean booting and then reinstalling IntelliPoint software
  3. Removing and uninstalling IntelliPoint software
  4. Starting the ‘HID Service’
  5. Determining if it’s application-specific or not

If one of these methods doesn’t work for your PC, you might use the other as an alternative.

Let’s get deeper into how these methods work.

Method 1:

If you have any other mouse control installed in your PC other than XMBC, its conflict with the XMBC might be causing the issue, so uninstalling this software might get your XMBC to work again. For this purpose, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Click on “program and features” in the control panel
  2. Locate the software causing conflict in the list
  3. Select the software and click on uninstall button
  4. Follow the instructions on-screen to finish the uninstall
  5. Restart your PC for changes

Method 2:

  1. Follow the on-screen instructions for a clean startup operation
  2. Restart your PC after this operation

Method 3:

If you are using a wireless mouse, IntelliPoint software tabs appear on your device, but it depends on the mouse connected to your computer. In that case, you need to uninstall your IntelliPoint software by using the first method.

Method 4:

Follow these steps to start the HID service

  1. Open “run dialog box” by pressing together “windows + R” keys and type “services.MSC”
  2. Hit the OK button to open the “services” window
  3. Locate “HID” or “Human Interfere Device” service
  4. Set the “Startup type” to automatic by double-clicking on it

Method 5:

Sometimes, it may be conceivable that a few applications or windows may not accurately decipher partial scrolling messages with new ‘high-resolution’ mouse gadgets. When low goal wheels are scrolling up and down, the mouse driver conveys a scroll magnitude of 120 for each tick of the wheel down and 120 for each tick up.

On the off chance that the application gets under a full line, it ought to scroll part of the line and, if possible, set aside the worth until an aggregate of 120 has been received. Rather than 120, they convey 30, which is one-fourth of the magnitude, and result in scrolling at a similar speed simply more easily. Notwithstanding, a few applications or windows may not deal with this accurately.


To conclude this article, if you are new to x mouse or x mouse button control, we hope this helped you develop an understanding of what it is and how to work with it because XMBC can be quite complicated for beginners or inexperienced users. If you are a user and you’re experiencing the common problem of x mouse button control not working, then this article might help you get it fixed.

It’s not one of those issues you can’t fix; instead, there are five methods available, so if your PC doesn’t support one of them, you have a chance with four others.