How to Fix Xbox One Controller Headphone Jack Not Working?

According to a lot of Xbox users around the world, frequently, an audio problem occurs with the Xbox One controller. The microphone can stop working, or your headset can keep buzzing, which can really make you incapable of hearing the sound through your Xbox One headset. It can also make the users unable to record the voice. It’s quite annoying to get the Xbox One Controller Headphone Jack Not Working while playing games. But you ought not to be anxious. Some effective fixes are mentioned below. You can simply resolve such a problem with the Xbox One controller by following these solutions.

What Are The Reasons For The Xbox One Controller Headphone Jack Not Working Error?

When the Xbox One controller headphone jack can stop working, it is either because of the firmware or hardware issue. The jack itself might be damaged or dirty, or the controller firmware might be in need of the update. Moreover, these issues at times can be reasoned by the jack of your headphone when something else completely is to blame. A damaged or dirty headphone connector or cable, even wrongly configured privacy settings or a muted headset, can all seem to be an issue with your headset jack.Check different solutions for vac was unable to verify the game session.
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Try These Fixes To Solve This Particular Issue:

For resolving the audio problem, follow such steps below, maintaining an order. These methods are reported as working by a lot of users. You might not have to apply all of them, but you ought to continue until you come across the working one.You can also easily solve usb device not recognized windows 10 error if you are facing it.

Xbox One Controller Headphone Jack Not Working

Method#1: General Troubleshooting Solutions

If you can’t hear the sound, or others can’t hear you when utilizing your headset, here’re some general solutions you can try before utilizing any other fixes:

  • Check that your headset isn’t muted by simply checking its mute button on your headset controls.

  • Disconnect your headset or unplug your headset cable from your controller > simply reconnect it tightly to your controller

  • Make use of the diverse headset or controller for checking for any malfunction on your hardware.

  • Boost the audio by navigating to Settings > Device and Accessories > choose the controller for adjusting the audio settings.
  • Make sure that you are making use of your Xbox One headset with only the Xbox One controller as it is not intended for usage with some other devices, plus your console does not transmit the game sounds or music through your headset.

  • Update the controller to get the newest software.

  • Also, check the batteries of your controller, if they are low, they won’t give power to our headset, so you have to charge it before making use of it.

  • Clean the Xbox hardware by sly checking your cord, headset, and connector for any defects. Make sure that there is no debris/dirt on your headset connector.

  • Restart the console by simply unplugging its power cord for fifteen seconds.

Method#2: Checking Your Xbox One Privacy Settings

When your mic turns muted on the Xbox One as a result of the profile settings, your Xbox One headset no sound happens. If your child account is actually activated, voice communication can turn to the limit. You ought to log in utilizing the parent account for making use of your mic. Check your profile settings by following the steps below:

  • First, hit your Xbox One button placed on your controller > choose Settings.

  • Select All Settings > choose the Account option from your left side panel.

  • Click Privacy and online safety.

  • You can perceive the View details and customize button on your right side > click on it.

  • Next, choose Communicate with voice & text.

  • Now, choose with whom you desire to talk to, like everybody or just friends.

  • Close the window.

Now, check if you can now communicate with the contacts utilizing your mic. If your Xbox headset is still not responsive, you ought to try the next method below.

Method#3: Power Cycling The Xbox One Console

  • Hit Xbox for opening the guide > choose System > go to Settings.

  • Then, choose Power and Startup option > go to Power mode & startup.

  • After that, choose Power mode > click on Energy saving.

  • Now, carry out the hard power cycle by simply holding the Xbox button down for ten secs > hit the button again for restarting it

  • Try the disc again > wait to check if your Xbox One S console can read it. If it can really read, simply go back to the Instant-On power mode.

Method#4: Updating Your Xbox One Controller

When the Xbox console is out-of-date, you might locate the Xbox sound issue. For resolving this problem, try updating the firmware of the Xbox console. You can simply update your Xbox One console, either utilizing a USB or computer utilizing your Xbox Accessories application. For updating the Xbox One console through USB, try these steps:

  • On the Xbox One console, log in to Xbox live > install your newest system update if accessible. For checking the obtainable updates, navigate to System > choose Settings.

  • Next, you can locate the System option once again < click that option > Updates & Downloads will appear.

  • Navigate to the Updates section > click Update available.

  • Now, follow the on-screen directions for updating the console.

  • When your console is updated, plug in your stereo headset adapter to the Xbox controller.

  • Then, connect your Xbox One controller to your console utilizing the USB cable.

  • Update info ought to automatically appear on your screen. Follow the directions for completing the update.
  • When your update is finished, unplug your USB and reboot the console.

Method#5: Replacing Your Headset

If there’s no issue with your Controller, then you have to replace or change your headset you utilize. It may not be supported or incompatible with your Xbox One. If your headset was the cause to happen Xbox One Controller Headphone Jack Not Working error, then changing your headset will certainly fix the problem.Fixing hyperx mic is really easy if your hyperx mic not working.

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