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Every dark cloud indeed has a silver lining but how can you ignore the fact that every dark cloud hides the light behind it. So, it’s all about the perception of conceiving things and having basic human instinct you always try to discern things the way you want them to happen. However, neither your perception nor your conviction, nothing can change the reality of your life, existence, and situations, no matter how much effort you can make either to hide it or to get rid of it. But despite knowing this toughest truth of life you keep on trying to suppress all of your secrets while going with the organic ebb of esprit. You are probably thinking that protecting vulnerable secrets of life is neither a crime nor a wrong deed, but when your secret has become a threat to you and others’ existence then it’s time that triggers you to rethink all over aging about every single aspect of your life when you have missed the chance to relive your past to fix them.

Now, if you are frowning after going through this discussion, it’s going to get deeper while watching one of the best and latest mini-series Stay Close which would make you dig down every single hidden secret of your life while revealing its own. Now, to get hooked on the thrilling suspense of this story for the longest time you have to take the time-independent offline watch service of the standard systematic support of the y2mate Netflix video downloader. So, with this article, you can get a grip on the story while unfolding its secret shades.

Series Name…Stay Close 2021


  • Ratings: 7/10
  • Genre: Crime, Mystery, Drama
  • Directed by: Daniel O’Hara and Lindy Heymann
  • Produced by: Charlotte Coben, Harlan Coben, Richard Fee, and others
  • Casts: Cush Jumbo, Richard Armitage, Daniel Francis, and others


The story is mainly based on three characters who live their present life hiding their past behind. Megan who was a working woman was also a mother of three children. Ray who was a promising documentary photographer got stuck in a boring job of pandering to the paparazzi. Michael Broome was used to be a detective and still got hunted in your present life by a seventeen years old missing case of a husband and father named Stewart Green. Green’s wife is still waiting for her husband to come back. Now the story got a sharp turn when another man got missing on the same day of Green’s disappearance. Brooke took up the case to get rid of hunting trauma. The more Broome had moved on with his investigation the maximum pat memories had come to light and it had become a treat the life and relationships of the main characters of the story. Revealing the mystery of what tied these three characters altogether gave a terrific twist to the story.


As the time came close to the wedding date Megan Pierce started getting bothered by a visitor of her past. On the other hand, detective Broome had found a resemblance of a missing case with the seventeen years old cold case. Megan was taking the help of one of her old friends to find out the mystery of the missing case of Stewart. Broome was suspecting a connection between the missing case of past and present. Dave was a fiancee of Megan and when his mother was talking about a known visitor then disturbed Megan. Ray and Kayleigh both of them went to visit the night again when Carlton went missing along with the other. Megan met Harry and Broome was looking back to his personal life. Police started questioning Ray since he tried to jot down pieces of his old memories. So, if you want to watch this suspense saga in your pastime then just go for it with flexible watching of the y2mate Netflix video downloader.

The Secretive Suspense of the Story

This story swings through past and present situations of the characters and while doing that it revolves around the mystery, suspense, and secret of these characters. The most fascinating part of the story is that even if you can suspect or guess what is next but you would never be able to reach the destination without the help of the story. The unpredictability and uncertainly are the most engaging aspect of this story. And once you go deep with the gradual flow of the story you wouldn’t be able to miss any moment of it, instead, you would like to rewatch a few scenes or episodes to solve the mystery on your own. On the other hand, the portrayal of each character involves intensity and distinctive features that make them enigmatic as well as appealing. You just can’t leave any character behind while focusing on the one. And another interesting part is that you can’t comprehend one character without the support of the other one. So, this story is a cycle of incidents and situations that binds the characters in a loop. Now, you have to decide how many times you are going to watch this saga after your one-time watch because you are not going to have enough of it after your first watch.

Our Verdict

Even though this series has received mixed reviews from its audience and critics, we want to make your own opinion independent of any kind of influence because the intensity and enigma of this story would surely make you think about every single aspect of this series. While watching this drama you would be so consumed that you would even forget that you are in the fictional world. So, missing this mystery from your offline watch with the y2mate Netflix video downloader is not at all what we are encouraging. Instead, we are inviting you to welcome this series to your offline watch with the y2mate Netflix video downloader.

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