What To Do If Your Location Is Currently In Use Windows 10 ?

When making use of the Win 10, you might come across the Your Location Is Currently In Use message. In this post, we will clarify what this message denotes and what you can really do about it.

What Does Your Location Is Currently In Use Really Mean?

In brief, this message denotes that a Win 10 app (downloaded from the Win Store) is actually tracking the location of yours, typically through the on-device GPS sensor, although Ethernet connections and Wi-Fi networks can also be utilized for such types of services. Basically, you face this message as a polite warning from Microsoft that the location is being tracked. Certain apps might require location services to work properly (for example, a navigation app), but if you feel like a program you are making use of does not have to acquaint your location, there’re some methods you can change it.

Signs Of The Location Is Presently In Use Windows 10:

Windows 10 provides the users with the location service that can tell apps on the PC where the physical location of yours is. And you’ll see a round icon when any tool accesses your location service to recognize the location. Additionally, a lot of applications comprising Maps, Mail, and Calendar might utilize the location. This icon denotes the location of yours is currently in use. At times it says the location has recently been accessed. It’s irritating to get the icon since you might not be content with sharing the location of yours for privacy reasons. Now, we’ll share with you how you can resolve this problem.

How Can You Remove The Location Is Presently In Use Message?

Method#1: Disabling The Location Via Settings

The location feature is helpful for a few applications in Windows 10, but you can decide to disable it if you do not desire to share the location with applications. For doing so, follow this guide:

Step#1: Go to Start > open Settings.



Step#2: Click on Privacy > enter your Location interface.

Step#3: You will see two options for disabling the location service:

  • For disabling the location access for all the user accounts, click on Change > switch your Location for the device slider to off.

  • For turning your location off for the user account, switch on to off in your Location

After that, this message won’t emerge.

Method#2: Setting Which Apps Are Permitted To Access The Location

Step#1: Open Settings > navigate to Privacy.


Step#2: Go to Location.

Step#3: Then, simply scroll down to select the applications that can make use of the precise location section. Here you will see a list of all the applications that can access the location.


Step#4: Turn off this feature for preferred apps, and they won’t be capable of utilizing it anymore.


A few users choose to have this feature on since they utilize apps that need it. However, a few users may desire better control over the app that can access the location. Remember that not all the tools are on the list, and if other 3rd-party programs are utilizing this feature, you will need to check the settings for every app.


Method#3: Modifying The Registry

When this message appears, you can decide to edit the registry for removing it. Remember that changing the Win Registry is an advanced procedure that may reason damage to the computer, so be very careful. For being on the safe side, we suggest you to back up the registry keys first.

Step#1: Enter Regedit in the Run box after hitting the Windows + R buttons.


Step#2: Then, go to the ‘Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\lfsvc\Service\Configuration’ key.



Step#3: Now, double-click the Status key > set the Value data of it to 0.



Method#4: Manually Setting The Time Zone

Step#1: Open Settings > navigate to Time and language.



Step#2: Find automatically set the time zone option > turn it off.



Step#3: Set the right time zone from that menu.


A lot of users tend to set the time zone automatically. Thanks to this feature, the Win will detect the location and assign you the right time zone automatically. It’s very helpful if you are traveling, but for desktop computers, there is no need to make use of the automatic time zone. For manually setting the time zone, follow the steps mentioned above. After carrying out this, this message will stop emerging.

Method#5: Making Certain To Download The Newest Updates

Step#1: Open Settings > navigate to Update and security.



Step#2: Click Check for updates. The win will check for the updates and download the accessible ones in the background.


According to different users, at times, you may see this message because of certain bugs in Win. Numerous users stated that this message emerges randomly on their computer even after disabling all the location features. The problem is most likely reasoned by a Win bug, and it ought to be resolved by simply downloading the newest updates. Win 10 can download automatically updates automatically in the background, but at times you may miss a significant update. After updating your Win to the newest version, check if the issue still emerges. If the problem is still present, MS will certainly resolve it in the upcoming updates.

Method#6: Hiding The Location Icon

If you do not mind tools accessing the location, but desire to get rid of this icon from the taskbar of windows 10 so that you cannot see it all the time, hiding it is a great choice.

Step#1: Go to Windows Settings > System > open Personalization.


Step#2: Navigate to the Taskbar section > click on Select which icons appear on your taskbar.


Step#3: Switch off the Location Notification.


Step#4: Then, go back to your Taskbar tab > click Turn system icons on/off link.


Step#5: Locate Location > turn it off.

This method can help you in hiding the Location icon, and you won’t see any message regarding your location being utilized. Certainly, it could not resolve the core issue, but just get rid of the Your Location Is Currently In Use message. For blocking any application from accessing the location, you ought to disable it by trying other methods stated above.